WEN by Chaz Is Still The Go To Product For Women’s Hair Care in 2017

You may recall when Wen by Chaz hit the market. People were skeptical. How could something that don’t even lather really work so well? However, we tried it and we loved it. That is why WEN by Chaz has not only remained on the market, but it is more popular than ever. As a matter of fact, many people swear by it.

I had the opportunity to sit down with one of Chaz’s biggest fans. Her name was Melissa. She had always battled finding products that would work in her hair. She battled frizz and humidity in her geographical location done nothing to help. When she tried WEN she fell in love with it. She said that she has no reason to continue the search. After spending countless dollars on some of the most expensive brands on the market she has found the only hair care product she will ever use in her hair.

Not only is Melissa’s frizz under complete control, but the humidity doesn’t make a difference. Her hair has grown longer and stronger. It is shiny and healthy. Melissa said her hair has bever been more manageable or beautiful.

You are able to choose the formula that suites your needs best. The deluxe kit gives you all you need to manage your hair beautifully. In the end you actually save money because a little goes a long way. In this you have the anti frizz styling creme, cleansing conditioner, a smoothing gloss that helps straighten, the replenishing mist and a nourishing mousse plus all you get in the basic kit. If you just have a favorite product there are single buy products available for purchase as well. http://www.guthy-renker.com/products/beauty/wen-haircare/

Melissa and many others like her swear by WEN by Chaz. If you try it I am positive you too will become a firm believer in the product and at last put an end to the search for the perfect product. This product line is all you will ever need to have the beautiful, healthy and manageable head of hair that you’ve always dream of.

More information on Wen’s beneficial products can be found at wen.com. Updates? Follow Wen on Twitter.

More info on the company, refer to Wen’s crunchbase page.


Construcap Excels in Provision of Construction Services in Brazil

As a developed country, Brazil’s real estate industry is profitable and rapidly growing due to the increase in foreign investors. Brazil as an established economy is also suitable for real estate investments due to its landscape and tropical climate. If you are interested in purchasing commercial or residential properties in Brazil, there are certain procedures that you must follow. Primarily, real estate properties on YouTube are usually purchased from property companies and through funding mechanisms. You are also required by the Brazilian law to adhere to the Provisional Measure 656/2014. This policy governs all financial activities involved in the buying and selling of Brazilian real estate properties.

The role of property companies in Brazil is to offer advice to buyers regarding properties that are available on sale. If you are a foreign investor on jusbrasil.com.br, the Brazilian government enacted strict policies for the type of properties you can acquire. For example, as a foreigner, you do not have access to properties in coastal areas, national borders, and rural areas. After buying a property, you ought to have a title deed. This document is usually processed by the Brazilian real estate registry.

Preliminary Agreements

The criteria for buying and selling real estate properties in Brazil is sequential. First, as a buyer, you must review and agree to the conditions drafted in the buying and selling agreement. You are also supposed to review the conditions written in the sales contract and agree to them if they suit your demands. This document at http://www.exatop.com.br/topografia/k2-items/fabrica-da-fiat-construcap-goiana-pe-em-andamento.html comprises of buyer’s liabilities, agreed purchase amount, and a description of the property to be bought.

About Construcap

Construcap is a construction company based in Brazil. The company excels in building multiple use residential and commercial structures. The company’s residential buildings range from single-family to multiple-family units. They also include condominiums, housing complexes, and apartments. Construcap’s commercial and multiple use buildings include schools, hospitals, and law firms. Most legal firms, government agencies, and Brazilian citizens seek the company’s construction services.

Construcap is a recipient of several international certifications. These include OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001. Construcap was also awarded an Academy Award, the Best of Money Award, and the Work Safety Award for its sustainable construction services.

Getting The Right Eye Makeup With Help From Lime Crime

The eyes are really the windows of the soul as the saying goes. The eyes allow you to express all sorts of emotions. As an artist, I know that my eyes are where I find it easiest to express what I’m thinking and feeling. One of the great things about living today in life is that you can find products that make it easier than you ever thought to be able to show off the real you.

This is process that those at Lime Crime know just as well as I do. Like me, they want to help bring the eyes to life in every possible way. I love how I can turn to this company to locate products for my eyes that make me feel myself and let others know me as well.

Amazing Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is just as the name implies. It’s the shadow that you can create across from your eyes. You can use eye shadow to play with all kinds of looks. I personally love how you can decide that one day you want to be one thing like a panther with a look that is all about intense dark colors. Then the next, you can bring out the side of you that longs for the tropics even in the dead of winter. I can turn to the people at this company to get eye shadows I love each time.

Easy To Use

According to Glambot, another great thing about eye shadow is that it is easy to use each day. Those at Lime Crime want to make it easier than ever to use eye shadow. They offer special products that you can use on your own at home. I’ve found it so easy in my life to locate products on this site and then use the looks shown here at home.

The videos demonstrate how you can take ordinary colors of all kinds and then use them in your own home to have looks that are professional and yet original and new as well. I always find something inspirational here when it comes to eye shadow.

Wen Is A Great Alternative To Shampoo

Caring for your hair with all of the products available on the market can become confusing and you may wonder which options are the best for your hair. More than likely you have been buying products that catch your eye and hoping that they will make your hair healthy, bouncy, and shiny. The reality is that most of the products on the market can do more harm than good. The shampoos in particular. contain sulfides that rough up the cuticle of the hair and leave it weak and susceptible to breaking.

Not only do the shampoos damage your hair but heat styling and styling products can dry your hair out and cause serious damage. Your hair can end up feeling like straw if you are not very careful. It is almost impossible to have healthy hair if you continue to use products and styling methods that seriously damage your hair. There is a good alternative, though.

Wen is a cleansing conditioner that was created by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean. He wanted to give his clients the healthy beautiful hair that they were after. He knew that shampoo was damaging the hair so he wanted to create a cleansing product that wouldn’t strip hair of its natural oil, but would remove dirt and debris.

The word spread once his clients saw how effective his Wen product was. It cleansed hair without damaging it and left it healthy and shiny. Women everywhere began using this incredible product. It is found in most beauty supply stores like Sephora and salons everywhere. Wen has been around for years now and still has a loyal fan base, and new customers are discovering it every day.


Securus Video Visitation Technology aims to Keep Inmates and Their Families Together

Securus Technologies Inc. is a Telecommunication Company based in Dallas, Texas. It was founded in 1986. Securus is widely known for facilitating communication between inmates and their loved ones. Securus is committed to providing quality services to all its clients. It has contracts with over 2,600 correctional facilities in the USA, Canada, District of Columbia, and Mexico and serves over one million inmates. Securus has invested heavily both in research and technology. It has over 140 registered patents under its name. It also has employed over 1,300 qualified personnel who help in achieving its goals.


Securus main service is connecting inmates with their families and friends through telephone calls or video calls. The relatives of an inmate do not need to go to a correctional facility to meet their loved one, and they can just do it from the comfort of their home. Their public safety solutions service facilitates the law enforcement units to gather consolidate and distribute critical information in real-time to the mobile emergency response unit. Securus also offers monitoring solution, a system that track and trace movements of inmates within the society which help keep the public safe.


Maintaining close ties with family members is an essential thing in life, but when a member is in jail, it could be difficult. Securus video visitation technology is helping to keep families together during Christmas. For examples, families can communicate face to face with their loved ones who are in jail by using a computer. The inmate can talk to all his family members even those who would not have gotten time to visit him in jail. For an inmate who had children, he can communicate and pass parental love to them every day and assure them that he will join them soon. This will keep children aware that there is someone who cares about them and will join then again soon.


The video visitation technology will help families stay united. Inmate and his family can communicate whenever they want unlike in the past where they could only see each other during the visiting days.



Adam Goldenberg a mind be hide fashion

Adam Goldenberg and Mr. Ressler are JustFab co-founders and co-CEOs. They built their company into one of the most successful fashion and leading brand industry. Due to that, they put their combination of passion and fun on it, which lead the company takes itself more seriously. Nevertheless, Goldenberg gains a lot of experiences after becoming the youngest COO of a publicly traded company before leaving to start his business.

Mr. Adam Goldenberg is the co-founder of Intelligent Beauty, Inc. in 2006 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. After been on the field of online advertising, he and his partner Ressler decided to start an enterprise. Intelligent Beauty operates businesses in the personal matter, beauty and fashion slot. This firm believes in best and better way to initiate and develop businesses in the market location today, by minimizing technology with responsible of using to brand company.

JustFab after creating a platform for selling its product. It gives a lot of people access to the fashion because they want to valve what they love. The customers appreciate the mind behind this branding industry.

JustFab is now a leading fashion e-commerce firm site. Moreover, its fashion lifestyles have branded to offer its clients and register members an engaging shopping experience ever. Its members have access to content and fashion tips at their website. They also offer shipment of the buying product.

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JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group
TechStyle’s data-driven fashion

The change of name from JustFab Inc. to TechStyle Fashion Group, it aims is to embrace and reflect the company background in technology according to its brands. The companies have tended to offer their new customers with huge discounts. It based on the unsustainable in the extended days on offers. According to Adam Goldenberg, his new firm has captured the essence of what JustFab to become Fashion street.

However, the Techstyle company has the significant commitment to assist other small enterprises in raising capital while developing their brand it goes upon Fabletics. Since the inception of success into the fashion business, Fabletics now based on becoming e-commerce firm and balances their goals.

Adam Goldenberg has known for identifying right available areas on the business market. Adam started when he was just at the age of 16, with gaming network which was most popular mid-1990s. It was his first successful journey started.

Learn more about Adam Goldenberg on CrossCut
See Adam Goldenberg on Pando

Handy’s Effort to Strike a Strategic Balance between Growth and Profitability

For several months at the beginning of 2016, Tuesday mornings brought shivers and butterflies to Handy’s CEO, Oisin Hanrahan. Mr. Hanrahan had to explain to the co-founders why the strategy he had advocated for was performing so poorly. Mr. Hanrahan strategy entailed rolling out an online onboarding system in all the 28 markets of the company. Co-founder Umang Dua was against the idea and argued that even qualified applicants could not complete the application process via the online platform without assistance from a trained personnel.

The two entrepreneurs agreed to carry out a limited test run and find out what will happen. Therefore, they rolled out the online onboarding process in both Washington D.C. and Miami in 2015. While the two co-founders were contemplating implementing the system in all of the company’s markets, Handy.com closed its Series C venture capital financing and raised a record $50 million. The new funds created some form of relief and strengthened the financial muscle of the company.

Implementation of the online onboarding process

Hanrahan predicted that implementing the online onboarding strategy throughout the entire market would reduce unnecessary expenditure for Handy. However, after the implementation process, the demand surpassed the available professionals. The company had to call off thousands of bookings. The two co-founders moved swiftly and hired several hourly workers to solve incoming problems and complaints from clients. They also recruited more technicians to meet the high demand for cleaning services.

About Handy’s co-founders, Hanrahan and Dua

Hanrahan and Dua studied at Harvard Business School, and the idea of establishing Handy (formerly known as Handybook) came while they were sharing a room in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The two entrepreneurs launched Handy in 2012, and within the next two years, the company had become a huge success. In 2015, Handy increased its addressable market by acquiring Mopp and Exec.






Thor Halvorssen’s hero — Liu Xiaobo

Liu Xiaobo is an international hero. The man singlehandedly took on the Chinese government and won. Well, he won in a way; depending on how you look at it. Thor Halvorssen, the 39-year-old founder of the Human Rights Foundation, looks up to the man who famously proclaimed that he has no enemies.

Liu Xiaobo is a Chinese author and professor. The man wrote Charter 08, a manifesto espousing the virtues of freedom of expression, good will, democracy, and love. For this, he was sentenced to 11 years in a Chinese prison.

At his own sentencing, he stood to deliver a speech. That speech, aptly named “I Have No Enemies,” goes down as one of the most poignant expressions of the struggle for freedom ever uttered. It showed the world why the man deserved the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. Of course, Liu Xiaobo also professed his love for his wife during his sentencing speech.

The country of Norway exalts Liu Xiaobo. After all, the country of Norway is where the Nobel Peace Prize is given. China did not look too kindly on this. They have restricted Norway’s visas and have resorted to economic blackmail.

The Chinese government has also put Liu Xiaobo’s wife under house arrest. They will not let her leave the country to collect her husband’s Nobel Prize.

According to Crunchbase, it is easy to see why Thor Halvorssen looks up to this Chinese professor. The founder of the Human Rights Foundation is in the midst of his own inexhaustible chase for freedom and authenticity. He comes from a long line of family members who are political dissidents.

His father was a Norwegian diplomat working with the Venezuelan government when Thor was born in Venezuela. Helping to investigate a Medellin drug cartel, his father was arrested by the government of Venezuela. He was thrown in jail for 74 days, tortured, and beaten. It was Thor Halvorssen, then a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, that bartered for his release.

The human rights activists mother was also shot during a New York City protest. It was Thor Halvorssen that covered the event for the Wall Street Journal. His mother was one of 11 injured, and the shooting left one woman dead.

It is clear that the Halvorssen family stands up for what they believe in. Everybody should turn their attention to Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation to see what they do next.

For Healthy Hair, Wen By Chaz Works

All kinds of issues can affect how a woman’s hair looks. These issues consist of whether she has fine, thick, oily or dry hair. The weather can also affect how a woman’s hair will look when she arrives at her destination. Many women shop around for various products to control their hair in all types of situations. They go to great lengths to find products that will work, and they spend money that they don’t have in order to get their hair looking good. In most cases, these products don’t work for them, and they are a waste of money. These women should try Wen by Chaz, and see how it will work for them.

Wen By Chaz Is A Product That Impresses Women

They find that they can use it with any hair type, and see their hair look health and shiny. It is so nice when they feel their soft hair, instead of brittle and dry, split ends. They love that Wen by Chaz Dean allows them to style their hair in an easy way, and they don’t have to spend hours on it.

Purchasing Wen By Chaz

When purchasing Wen by Chaz, many women buy more than one bottle. They like to have several on hand, in case they run out. Since it is shampoo and conditioner in one bottle, it is a reasonable purchase. Women also take advantage of any of the sales and promotions that are being offered at any given time.

Many women have found that Wen by Chaz produces great results right away for them. They will only use Wen by Chaz on their hair from that point on, and they are proud of how they look. They tell other women about their experience with the product so they too can benefit from it. Wen products are available on Sephora and http://www.qvc.com/beauty/wen/_/N-rhtyZ1z141dz/c.html.


Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Makes Makeup Fun

Most women have fond memories of playing with their mother’s makeup as young girls. Faces smeared with too bright lipstick, and blue eye shadow from lashes to brows, smiling at the camera sheepishly yet proudly once they were caught. Lime Crime creator Doe Deere is no exception. To the delight of makeup lovers all over, she took that girlish love of color and turned it into a successful makeup company and earned herself the title of “Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneur” by Galore magazine.


Lime Crime is one of many companies that saw its success start as a result of the internet. Deere was quickly recognized for her bold makeup choices from pictures she posted on Instagram- a place she still uses to draw inspiration for her makeup. It was only fitting then that it was one of the first online native makeup brands and it has paved the way for others.


Doe Deere’s company is best known for its Matte Velvetines lip color, which was inspired by the feel of rose petals. This is not your grandmother’s rose colored lipstick though, it comes in a wide variety of colors with fun names such as Alien, a vibrant green hue, and True Love, a gorgeous bright red. Don’t like matte lipstick? No problem. Lime Crime also offers lip colors with sparkly and metallic finishes, aptly named Diamond Crushers and Metallic Velvetines.


In addition to the lip colors the company is so well known for, they offer eye shadow palettes and liquid eyeliner. All of the makeup is for sale via their easy to navigate website. Part of Deere’s vision was to not only revolutionize what makeup looks like, but how people shop for it, and their website accomplishes this with easy to use menus and a pop up live chat feature to help you find exactly what you are looking for.


Beyond the bold makeup options, Lime Crime is a company that cares, not only about their consumers, but also about the environment. They have been certified both vegan and cruelty-free in alignment with the personal values of creator Doe Deere, who has shown the world that a little girl with a dream and love of bright color can grow up to revolutionize the makeup industry.  Make sure to follow them on Tumblr for free tips, and great pictures of what Lime Crime looks can do for you.