OSI Industries: Acquiring Smaller Businesses for Expansion

The OSI Industries is one of the largest and leading meat manufacturers in the United States today. They have been included in the list of the top performing companies by Forbes, and they continue to become a thriving company thanks to the rising demand for protein products. Starting as a small meat shop, the OSI Industries experienced massive changes as the McDonald’s Corporation tagged them to become one of their official business partners. When McDonald’s Corporation became known around the world, the OSI Industries followed suit. The OSI Industries today is focusing on its continued expansion, and they wanted to conquer the world by providing it with high-quality meat products and protein products.

The company’s main headquarters can be found in Illinois, but in the past decades, the company has also started setting up their global presence by building facilities in more than 15 countries. They also have more than 50 operational facilities around the world; most of them are meat processing plants that have been recognized by foreign governments as sanitary. The company has great reviews and positive reputation, and many people prefer their products than other meat and protein processing companies because of the great value for money, and they are sure that the products are safe for consumption.

The OSI Industries now has several subsidiaries, and each subsidiary is looking after a particular territory. One of the companies that they have recently acquired is Baho Foods, a Dutch meat processing company. It is a small business compared to the scale of OSI Industries, but the latter still decided to buy the company to limit its competition in the Netherlands. The leaders of the OSI Industries think that it is necessary for them to acquire smaller businesses in countries where they operate to limit the competition and to monopolize the trade. Its owners willingly sold Baho Foods because of the tempting price offer that was given by the OSI Industries.

Today, the OSI Industries keeps a strong presence in Europe. Just like how they purchased Baho Foods, the company is still looking for other small companies that they can acquire. Though it would turn the trade of meat products into a monopoly, some people say that the acquisition of OSI Industries is all right, provided that they will continue the manufacturing and processing of meat and protein products that are hygienic and of high-quality. OSI Industries promised their customers that they would keep what they have started.

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