Oren Frank Leads Talk Space Therapy through Excellent Managerial Skills

Oren Frank Leads Talk Space Therapy through Excellent Managerial Skills

Millions go for online therapy, but, is it worth it? There are plenty of emotionally charged cases that cause humans to cry and seek psychological help for many reasons. This is essentially for the human experience. Following the rise in technology use and modern advancements, many are now opting to go for online therapy. That is why Talk Space Therapy was established in 2012. The company rests in the leadership of Oren Frank who is also a co-founder. The company was conceived following a transformative experience in the therapy of couples. Following the success of these therapies, the organization took its operations to the next level. Thanks to the leadership of Oren Frank, the company is now one of the leading service providers in online based therapies.


Over the years, Oren Frank has established a strong psychotherapy platform that has assisted many clients in solving their emotional issues. In February, he expanded the platform into one of the most useful care providers in the state. Talk Space Unlimited Messaging Therapy was launched in 2014. It now provides users with unlimited text messaging through a mobile app. Clients as well as therapists are also allowed to send audios in addition to video messages through the platform.

Online Therapy for Employees

According to Oren Frank, every family is facing its challenges when it comes to dealing with emotional baggage. For that reason, Talk Space Therapy has decided to cater to clients from different sectors including employees. As he puts it in one of his articles, the world of recruitment is also competitive. It is not just about free yoga classes or free concerts. These are just perks that have been designed to lure some of the best talents in the world. They have also been put in place to help employees increase their productivity. But, in reality, employees are still facing their issues even at a personal level. They are therefore bent to need help from psychological experts. Employee well -being should be a major consideration in every organization.


Oren Frank is the CEO of Talk Space Therapy. He streamlines the operations of the company and oversees general management.

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