Nick Vertucci as a Popular Poker Player.

Nick Vertucci despite his humble beginning has built himself a legacy. He ventured into selling computer spare parts to earn a living. In 2000, dot com and internet site were established, and as a result, fewer people used computers, so the spare part business went down. With advice from his friend, Vertucci attended a real estate seminar which marked the beginning of his career. Nick Vertucci has always had big dreams and passion for real estate business and be rich; it’s from there he opened an academy known as Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy in 2015. Vertucci equips the students with the skills on how to buy, improve, renovate and sell real estate property.

Nick Vertucci as a poker player

Vertucci has received popularity in poker playing; he has tremendous skills which enables him to win many poker games. In 2004, he took the 8th position and won $7, 530 in the No-Limit Texas Hold`Em championship which was held at the Commerce Casino. After this championship, he continued poker playing on various occasions where he emerged victoriously. He competed with multiple people including:

  • Antonio who is very prominent as he won two World Poker Tour championships and three world series of poker tournaments.
  • Benyamine, a French poker player with a World Poker Tour title.

Competing with such poker playing experts, Vertucci has made a name for him to many people all over the world. Recently, Nick was ranked in Global Poker index Ranking 223, 725th, Popularity ranking at 66, 450th and California, USA All-Time Money list in the 10, 199th position.

In addition to competing with highest earners, Vertucci has attended many competitive Poker tournaments in the world including World Series of World Poker (WSOP) and Live at Bike to enhance his skills and become the best poker player.

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