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The front page of newspapers are dominated by photographs that authenticate the information written and the headline. In modern societies and press, the art of photography is very different from the roles played by traditional pictures in authenticating information. By this, I mean that the objective of recent photography is conveying more information to the public unlike in the past.



In most cases the journalists are aiming using more pictures and a few word article to demonstrate the information intended to reach the public. They argue that more photos creates a deeper interest and insight to the readers and this forms a basis for more customers. Digitization of information is attributed to technological advancements that has seen a wonderful progress in information delivery. In a story recently published by Los Angeles Financial Times, a senior political journalist or rather reporter puts across a simple story about a bill that was signed into law by President Donald Trump.



The article about the controversial taxation bill that had earlier been introduced in Parliament by the Republican Senators which sought to see a reduction in domestic taxes and more specifically corporate taxes to promote their growth. The author observes the agenda of taxation on the President’s campaign manifesto and demonstrates it using a simple photo of a businessman holding a placard with bold letters “Trump on Tax Acts and Job Acts”. This is followed by two photos of Senate leaders one in Parliament and the other of Senate leaders led by Paul Ryan giving a medias briefing.



Both photos are meant to outline or rather to pre-empty the content of the article. Using a series of these photos the author is representing the information in his article such that a person who is not keen on reading the newspaper can simply get the information of the article.



Any writer can adopt an artistic perspective where they can highlight the objective and the subject of the information or news for readers. This is meant to enhance a better outline and understanding of information or news.


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