Mike Baur Shares Tip Regarding Startups with Upcoming Entrepreneurs

The journey to success is full of struggles. But at times, good-hearted people extend a helping hand. With proper guidance, upcoming entrepreneurs are bound to succeed with time. Among the entrepreneurs who have decided to lend out a helping hand are such as Mike Baur. Mike Baur offers excellent tips on entrepreneurship with company founders.


Background Data

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur based in Freiburg. As the co-founder and board member of the Swiss startup accelerator Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur is well versed with the knowledge that is useful to upcoming entrepreneurs. When it comes to entrepreneurship, Mike Baur acknowledges that every startup begins with an idea. He also states that the idea comes to you naturally depending on various factors. In short, an idea comes to you just like a form of innovation. For example, you may need to access something, but the supply chain might have crumbled, in such a case, you do identify a form of necessity whereby you may decide to bridge the demand and supply gap.

After discovering the necessity, you then formulate an idea which is then brought to life in the form of a startup. Many people always have ideas, but they are always afraid to implement them. As much as people fear the world of entrepreneurship, we must acknowledge the fact that with the current era of technology, it has become easier to reach out to people. By bringing an idea to life and launching a website, you can reach out to as many people since the internet is everywhere. As much as marketing was a nightmare some years back, the new era of technology has come in handy.


Required Qualities for the startup world

Success in the startup world is solely dependent on the following tips; believing that you can succeed, accepting that failure comes about at times, ignoring negativity, working hard and always maintaining the mentioned tips without backing down. It is also good to share ideas. By sharing ideas, you can get feedback, and you may be able to shape your idea into a perfect idea.

Also, when you launch a startup and fail, giving up is not an option. In such a case, you should get back up on your feet, analyze the causes of the failure and proceed as usual. That’s the only way to succeed as a startup. Such dedication shows that you have the entrepreneurial spirit and you cannot back down without achieving what you are meant to accomplish.



Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who offers tips regarding how a startup can be successful. The road might be murky at the start, but with the tips offered by Mike Baur, you are bound to succeed.


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