Michel Terpin the Force to Reckon with in Safari Rally

Brazil as a country is known to be very good in football, and it has produced big names in the football world. However, they are also involved in the Motorsport world as one of their own Michel Terpin takes part and represents the country in safari rally. Motorsport is seen to be very unpredictable as it involves the use of pace and power by the different cars used.

Michel Terpin is one of the most passionate rally drivers in Brazil, and he keeps the sport entertaining and engaging. He is the best rally driver in Brazil as he currently holds an 18 point lead in the national cross country rally for the T1 category.

About Michel Terpin

Michel Terpin was born in Sao Paulo in the year 1979 in a family that was very passionate about sports. He was a speed lover even at his young age. Rodrigo, who is the elder brother shares the same passion with him. Michael Terpin’s dad, Jack, who is a former basketball player encouraged his children to indulge in sporting activities and excel the same way they did with their school work.

When it comes to driving in a rally, speed is one quality that is normally needed. It is this reason that makes it hard for individuals to be dominant in this sport as there always are fast drivers and speed lovers up to the challenge and joining the speed team every year. Michel Terpin, however, is not an individual afraid of the upcoming fast drivers as he has managed to win almost every race that he has participated.

Michel Terpin Racing Career

He started racing at the age of 23 way back in 2002 as a motorcycle racer. Although Michel Terpin changed to car racing, he has been able to acquire experience in the racing sport. Michael has proven that experience is all one needs.

He is a member of the Bull Sertoes rally team which he helped to found with Rodriguez, his brother. Terpins is, however, ready to win this year’s Sertoes Rally edition with his navigator Maykel Justo, as they use their T-Rex which is courtesy of MEM Motorsport. The duo has been taking part in different competitions like the national cross-country rally championship and the Mitsubishi Cup where they have registered impressive results.

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