Michael Burwell Uses His Years Of Financial Experience To Help Wills Tower Watson


Wills Tower Watson has announced that Michael Burwell will be the new Chief Financial Officer. Michael Burwell comes with over 30 years of financial experience. Burwell graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s in business administration. He spent 11 years working on business advisory practices for PriceWaterhouse Cooper LLP. From there he was promoted to partner in transaction business in their office in Detroit. He did such a good job in Detroit he was promoted over the central Us transaction division. He was later promoted once again to Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating officer, in 2012 he became the vice chairman of Global and US transactions. In 2017, he moved his career to Wills Tower Watson.


Wills Tower Watson is a global advisory, broking, and solutions company. The company offers solutions to organizations and individuals to minimize risk, optimize benefits, and expand the power of capital. Michael Burwell is excited to join the company. He has been working on projects like AMX for the company. AMX allows them to advise clients on over 120 in assets. It debuted in Europe and is now available in select places in the United States.


Michael Burwell contributes his success in the financial world to several things. One is being a good listener and building up a network. Solid communication with your team, potential clients, and investors is important for any job. It is not enough to try to say what they want to hear, you have to actually listen to their problems, and address their issues. Another is keeping a positive attitude, even when others are criticizing you.


Michael Burwell also states that is important to utilize all the tools available to make yourself as productive as possible. Technology has played a big role in the productiveness of people and making lives easier.


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