Michael Burwell And The Official Declaration Of Willis Towers Watson To Make Him Its New CFO


One of the many news sources today that describe how Michael Burwell has landed the CFO and Finance Guru job for Willis Towers Watson would be the news feature from Reuters. It is there that the official announcement was made that Willis Towers Watson had selected Michael Burwell as its new Chief Financial Officer. Such announcement would also mean that Burwell would be replacing the former CFO, Roger Millay, as he is already voluntarily retired effective Oct 2 2017.


It should also be added here that Willis Towers Watson has made a wise decision for doing so. One of the most effective CFOs today that have established their shrewd, sought-after finance skills would be Michael Burwell. For starters, he’s already worked for Public Limited Company, which then has shaped his skills to be smooth and spotless. Burwell already has 31 years of finance and professional service behind him and that makes him an essential valuable worker already to lead the finance strategy of any company. His work experience has already given a stamp of quality and good service in making sure that his ideas can generate financial growth for any strong and high-scale firm.


Another insightful piece of reference for the work that Michael Burwell has done over the years can be found in the Inspirery interview that he did. It is there that Burwell reminded people the importance of networking and developing genuine relationships with people in their field. It is also highly important, according to him, that a leader should be in the moment, not being distracted and always to be in sterling shape both in body and mind. Communication with members should also play a pivotal role. Companies don’t grow when the team members won’t be able to streamline their communication process.


Brief Bio of Michael Burwell


It can be added here that other than being the new Willis Towers Watson’ CFO, Burwell also is a frequent motivational speaker and writer for the automotive industry. He is also a CPA and has received his B.A. Many of his achievements are in the field of giving many insightful financial advices to striving companies.


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