Martin Lustgarten on the Importance of Customer Service

It seems like it is getting harder to find great customer service than at any previous point in history. As customers get more technologically advanced, however, customer service may drastically approve, according to investment banker Martin Lustgarten. This banker says that it is important to consider the level of customer service before making a final investment decision in any company. He also says that this theory is true regardless of rather he is shopping for a vintage watch which is one of the things that he loves to collect from his home in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, or investing millions in oil exploration in the South China Sea.
First, he urges potential investors to look at the level of customer service technology that is already in place. According to an article published via Forbes, as brands attract younger investors and customers they must advance their technology as these customers are not willing to wait on hold on the phone to talk to an associate regardless of how complex an issue they are trying to solve nor the complexity of the purchase they are trying to make. It is important, however, that the technology offer human assistance when desired by the customer.
When it is 5 PM at the company’s headquarters, it is vital that the level of customer service does not close down. Customers demand the same level of service 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. This is especially important for companies seeking a global impact.
Social media has expanded greatly beyond Facebook, Twitter and Instragram to now include many more channels including Snaps, Kik, WhatsApp messages, Weibo, WeChat and many others. Nonetheless, companies that want to survive must connect with their customers regardless of where they are found. Furthermore, customers hate to repeat themselves so companies need to find a way to keep track of what the customer has already told another agent.
Great customer service will never become old fashioned. Therefore, Martin Lustgarten says that all companies must adapt to the way that they offer this service if they want to survive.

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