Malaysian Entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran, Malaysian founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies, has been leading the business world since 1998 and is known best as an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. He currently resides with his wife and family in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, where the QI Group is currently headquartered. He continues to expand his operation and currently has presence in more than 30 countries with investments in real estate, education, retail, and hospitality, while employing more than 1500 people. He commits ten percent of QI profits to philanthropy and has also introduced a company-wide vegetarian policy.

As the founder of Quest International University Perak in Malaysia, Eswaran continues to mentor entrepreneurs around the world while the university provides affordable, quality education within Malaysia in partnership with local government. It is currently one of the fastest growing universities in Malaysia with more than 1600 students attending from around the world. QI is currently expanding to Qi City and building a new headquarters for Quest International University Perak which includes a hospital, housing, and retail space as part of a $500 million project.

Born in Penang, Malaysia, Eswaran was raised by a well-educated family of Indian descent. Eswaran paid his own way through university by working part time jobs before establishing a market-leading selling network. He eventually founded RHYTHM and Vijayaratnam Foundations in 2005, catering to the developing communities in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The Vijayaratnam Foundation went on to build TAARANA, a Malaysian school for children with disabilities.

Also an accomplished author, Eswaran has published several books including his widely successful In the Sphere of Silence. He also serves as a speaker at many international events and has received several awards including the ASEAN Business Advisory Council and Lifetime Achievement Award for Global Entrepreneurship.

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