Lime Crime Makes A Statement

Makeup should do two things. First and foremost, it should always make you feel flawless. Makeup is around to help a person gain the confidence that they need in day to day life. Sometimes, a person will not feel very good about a certain part of their body. Maybe their lips aren’t full enough or their face has a blemish. There’s nothing wrong with that. Makeup is around to make a person feel beautiful again and it doesn’t matter what anyone else things.

Makeup is also around for another reason. It helps a person become who they want to be. It helps them convey the person they feel on the inside. One person who really understands makeup is Doe Deere. She’s essentially a makeup legend and always looks flawless. Now, everyone can nail a look just like hers. That’s because Doe Deere has a makeup company called Lime Crime.

Lime Crime makeup is run online  and listed in popular stores like Urban Outfitters and Dolls Kill, and it offers the brightest and most fun products out there. Not to mention, they are all high-quality. Lime Crime offers everything from lipstick to eyeshadows and much more. Their line of lipstick has almost every color imaginable. It’s the colors that most people can’t find anywhere else. These include bright colors like oranges, purples, blues, pinks, and many more shades. The same colors can be found in their eyeshadows and eyeliner. Of course, there is glitter as well.

Lime Crime makeup is for those who want to turn heads. This makeup is so much more than just something that enhances physical features. This makeup is part of a lifestyle. It’s for those who want to show that they’re not afraid to take risks with their makeup. Lime Crime makeup has products that are truly a higher caliber than others. These products glide on smoothly and last for long periods of time. No longer does someone have to keep running to the bathroom to apply new lipstick or a new coat of eyeshadow. Overall, Lime Crime is truly a company that is for those who love makeup and want to branch out and try something different.  Follow the Lime Crime Twitter for brand updates.