Lime Crime Announces Dark Unicorn Hair Color

Lime Crime has officially announced its latest rollout, and it’s even more fun than usual. The company is adding to its Unicorn Hair Collection with some seriously dark shades. The original Unicorn Collection had just about every bright color from the rainbow (and beyond) you could imagine. It was a massive success, as women everywhere dyed their hair with the semi-permanent dye and rocked everything from blue to orange locks.

The new colors are called Dark Unicorn and there are four distinct colors. There is a deep maroon called Chestnut, a rich purple called Squid, a dust gray called Charcoal, and an enchanting deep green called Sea Witch. The brand is known for having a very selective rollout process of any new products. In fact, the company states that if it doesn’t think fans will be absolutely obsessed with a product, the won’t release it at all.

The company was founded by visionary Doe Deere. She is a true rebel who started his first business at the age of 13 when she was living in Russia. After coming to New York City she lived many amazing lives before creating LimeCrime. She was a musician and worked in the upscale fashion industry. In 2008 she realized that she was unable to find the rich colors she wanted in cosmetics. At the time, it was trendy to have a basically nude color palette and that just wouldn’t work for Doe Deere.

Lime Crime’s fan base has been described as cult like. The brand stands for something, rather than just simply selling makeup. They have been a digital first company since they were founded and to this day they place a great deal of value on their customer’s opinion. In fact, they continually showcase real people wearing the LimeCrime look on both their website and their social media pages.

Lime Crime continues to expand. They have a rocking team that is constantly working to keep them continually innovating. With the rollout of Dark Unicorn hair color they are again innovating and providing a new way for people to be expressive through the use of hair color.

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