Jojo Hedaya Says Starting A Business Is Hard Work


Early Days Of Unroll.Me

Jojo Hedaya says he’d wake up to thousands of emails from josh Rosenwald with ideas for a company name. It only took the duo a couple of years to launch the initial version of the program. Hedaya says it didn’t start off well at first. Their first goal was to see the market response to the idea before they put all of the work into it. They gained thousands of users once they were featured in Lifehacker and The Next Web.


Getting Started

After having more than two years of experience running their start-up, Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald understand the dedication it takes. Hedaya says new entrepreneurs should be prepared for the hard work it takes. He also advises newbies to learn skills and be able to add value to the team. Furthermore, Hedaya says if you’re creating your own company, find your spot and then try to go to market right away using very little resources. He says getting the most out of your resources is important, as well as trusting your gut. Start-up owners should know that the majority of new businesses fail. The key is to get moving very fast, and do something you enjoy. Plan properly and know what your goals are for success. Refer to This Article for related information.


A Few Tips For Maintaining Success

Keep hiring options open. Companies should be ready to take on new and special talent. Companies should also be aware of the new employee’s abilities and goals to avoid burnout. Encourage innovative thinking and keep in mind that great hires make a great business. Hedaya says the culture starts at the top, and everyone is following your lead. He also stresses the importance of the team mixing well together. Talent is important, but personality is too.


About Jojo Hedaya

Jojo Hedaya went to a private Jewish high school and then attended Boston College. He became the Vice President of the school, but then dropped out with three credits left before he earned his degree. His Unroll.Me cofounded Josh Rosenwald did not finish college either. The two met while studying abroad in Israel for college. They learned they had the same birthday, and they were the only two in the program using international BlackBerrys.


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