Job Opportunities For Medical Professionals At Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

This is good news to all medical professionals, especially those who want to concentrate on the different modalities of cancer treatment. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is inviting applications from doctors and related healthcare workers, even management talents outside of medicine, to serve in one of their hospital facilities in the United States. CTCA has many positions waiting for those who qualify for the job. Its headquarters is located at Boca, Raton, Florida.

CTCA, a for-profit, national network of five hospitals is focused on the treatment of patients suffering from all types of cancers. It was established in 1988 by Richard J. Stephenson after cancer took his mother’s life. He didn’t like the cancer treatment options available at that time so he founded CTCA to be a hospital that offers additional modes of cancer treatments aside from the conventional modalities. The first CTCA hospital that opened is in Zion, Illinois, at Midwestern Regional Medical Center. From 2005 to 2012, four more CTCA hospitals opened. Today, CTCA is offering what they call integrative cancer treatment options. They are creating a combination of various types of cancer treatments based on the needs of a particular patient. It is not the one-cure-for-all approach of most methods of cancer treatments. CTCA offers medical services for cancer patients that include comprehensive medical services, state-of-the-art technologies, assessment of genomic tumors, and evidence-based supportive therapies designed to alleviate the side-effects of cancer treatments. All of these services are delivered by CTCA’s medical professionals in one roof.

Since CTCA combines conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, etc., with integrative therapies to manage side effects, its five hospitals are always on the lookout for medical professionals who will fill up the many positions that each of the hospitals will need. Job opportunities at CTCA include positions for physicians, medical personnel for clinical and patient support, management staff who will be responsible for the professional and management needs of the hospital, and administrative staff to handle the administration and hospitality services of CTCA. On a regular basis, CTCA also welcomes applications from students and recent graduates to undertake their internships at its facilities. Many medical professionals have started their careers at CTCA.

CTCA considers their employees as part of their family and they are referred to as stakeholders because of the stake they have in the capability of the hospital to fight cancer each day. The hospital values the effort of each stakeholder and rewards them for their efforts by way of its incentive program called Stakeholder-to-Stakeholder. CTCA takes good care of its stakeholders, the way it takes good care of hundreds of cancer patients. It provides each stakeholder all the support they need to ensure their success within the organization and in their chosen profession.

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