Insta360 New FlowState Stabilization and New Modes for Better User Experience

Action-oriented cameras, especially on smartphones, come with a physical lens and electronic image stabilization to enhance video stability. Stable videos present viewers with a significantly improved experience whether it is a short video on Facebook or Instagram. This trend has been picked up by Rylos 360 cameras which have made it one of the selling features. Insta360 has always had some of the best camera software for stabilization in the industry.


Among the favorite 360-degree cameras, Insta360 One, which is a standalone 4K 360 camera that comes with an inbuilt Android or iPhone hardware connector, has now adopted FlowState on-board stabilization. With FlowState, the Insta360 One has improved on the automatic stabilization level it had when it was launched. Moreover, it comes with additional formatting and editing tools befitting the 299 dollars price tag.


FlowState stabilization helps users to play with their videos such as creating smooth pans across a video for use in normal vertical and wide-angle formats as most people do not view much of 360 footage. This makes Insta360 devices function like action sports cameras. The Rylo app has updated some of the modes and has added the Pivot Points editing mode. This new mode enables users to choose an exciting section of their videos and the pan between where the app builds a 2D 1080p footage. More information about the Insta360 can be accessed on


One feature that works quite well is the updated SmartTrack feature that allows users to follow objects and people throughout the footage. Also, the ViewFinder helps you use the phone as a viewfinder by panning and zooming on the video. To generate dynamic camera angle adjustments, one can now add adjustment points in the phone application and also set person or object active tracking. The new stabilization has enabled Insta360 to create smoother video-developed hyper lapses that work better than countless still frames.


These efforts point to Insta360 efforts of not just fixing bugs but also in improving their products making the camera even better. For people who already have Insta360 One, they can get the new features by updating their apps.

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