Igor Cornelsen offers Wise and In-Depth Investment Advice to Clients

Igor Cornelsen offers Wise and In-Depth Investment Advice to Clients

The roles of an investment advisor are to manage money and ensure that it is allocated to the right business. Moreover, they work hard to select investments, bonds, mutual funds as well as purchase these investments. In other words, an investment advisor will always guide an investor in every aspect of making money or spending the money where in this case, money is termed as the primary source of capital. Igor Cornelsen is one principal investment advisor who has shaped his career around the need to help people make the right decisions in their investment plans.

A Look at Igor’s Early Life

Igor Cornelsen was born in Brazil, in 1947. At a young age, Igor developed a passion for business. When it was time to join a school, he attended the Federal University of Parana. At that moment, that school was the only one offering engineering courses. Therefore, Igor Cornelsen took advantage of the opportunity to advance his education and focus more on elevating his career. Because he focused on education, he was now able to delve into a career and establish a significant purpose within his line of work.


After studying engineering for two years, he decided to study economics. Surprisingly, he chose to study in the same university. In 1970, he graduated with high-class honors. Therefore, he was ripe to venture into a career in investment banking. Of course, that seemed rather strange because he majored in engineering. However, investment banking was a course left aside for most engineers at that moment. This was somewhat linked to the fact that engineers had the unique ability to participate in technical mathematical problems alongside the calculation of compounded interest rates. Moreover, these skills were highly advantageous to most industries as there were no calculators at that moment.


After practicing for about two years, Igor’s life took a turn for the better as he was now able to focus on other professions like leadership within investment banking. As such, he found himself in Rio, where there was a unique employment opportunity to take advantage of. Because he was good at offering investment advice, he landed a job opportunity at Multibanco in 1974. Well, until now, he has been issuing investment advice through different companies that deal in the same line of business.

The Transitions

When Bank of America acquired Multibanco, Igor decided to explore other opportunities with the first one being Unibanco, a leading investment banking institution. Later on, he moved to Libra Bank of PLC.

The General Observation

From the look at his career, it is clear that is well versed with financial services and investment. Therefore, he uses these disciplines to help clients with better decision making in business.

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