Igor Cornelsen Advises So Many With So Few Words

Igor Cornelsen has really given investors a whole new perspective on investing. He has not, however, written a book or even capitalized on this information with a seminar. He has put some simple tips out there that anyone could take advantage of. I love these quick tips because I don’t really get a lot from the wordy books that have too much information that is over my head.

Cornelsen has been an investment banker in his past career before he started his Bainbridge Investing firm. This was something that gave him the experience that he needed. He wanted to make it easier for those investors that would not have the knowledge to invest on their own. Igor Cornelsen has made a firm commitment to actually bring his knowledge from Latin American into the United States. I have noticed that he has a lot of information about Brazil, but he manages to condense the information to a single line or two. That makes him an investor that others want to follow.

While other investors are trying to write and sell books, Cornelsen is making investors statements that are short enough to be tweets. I would prefer someone like Cornelsen that just tells me to spread out my investments. I don’t need to read a whole chapter on portfolio balancing. I don’t need to know about how I can maximize my portfolio by checking the debt to income ratio of multiple organizations that are in multiple industries. I don’t need all of that extra wording. Cornelsen tells you to spread out your investments. That is all that you need to know. You can figure out the rest on your own.

I know financial gurus talk about different industries and they do research and bring large amounts of information forth on investing in certain industries. The textile industry according to PR Newswire study was booming at one time, and people wrote about investing in this. The oil industry was on the rise at one time, and people wrote about investing in this. So much of that information is outdated now because the world changes. Technology is where all the money is made right now. Cornelsen doesn’t try to steer you in any of these directions though. He knows that an industry could change. What he makes is recommendations for the way handling the portfolio. He advises people to take interest in stocks by watching what the companies are doing. He tells people to know what they are getting into with the investments that they have.

I think that these types of tips are priceless. Twenty years from now I can pass Igor Cornelsen’s advice to my kids and it will still be relevant.