How to Make Fitness Programs Work With a Type A Personality


The way we approach diets and workout programs has everything to do with our personalities. Some types of characters are more prone to believing in dieting in the sense of intense restrictions while others view diets as an overall eating plan focusing on quality rather than quantity.


Type A personalities, for example, are characterized by their punctuality. They are committed and organized and do not lack a competitive mindset, but they like to follow the rules. These qualities also lead them to grow frustrated with ineffective fitness programs as they are used to doing things with efficiency.


Mot fitness and weight loss programs cater predominantly to general rules and methods in order to satisfy as large of an audience as possible. The good news is that there is a way to make things work if you are a Type A personality or you would like to harness the mindset of Type A and make those programs work for you as well.


First things first, approach matters. The way you think about the program and your approach do it will have a lot to do with its success and if you are going to be able to make it work for you. All r nothing is a typical mindset for a Type A personality, and they believe that you either give it your all or nothing at all. As with anything else in life, that mindset has its advantages but there also some disadvantages to it as well. While you will be super dedicated to the program and abide strictly by its regulations, you might start feeling rather restricted and miss out on things that you want to do such as have cake at a birthday party, for example. Also, high restrictions predispose people to go overboard next time they let their hair down, and that will set you back by a mile in the long run.


So, what can you do about that? Build some flexibility into those rule and weigh the pros and cons realistically. Think about your end goal and not just about the now. Better have a small slice of cake at that birthday party instead of gorging up on half a cake after the program is over. The first will ease you urges and prevent you from losing your progress and the second will throw half your efforts out the window. The program is more of an outline to go from instead of the law of your life while you are doing it. Allowing yourself to make such decisions will also build up confidence and show you that you know how to achieve the end goal and what is best for you both short term and long term.


Another disadvantage f such a mindset is that it can lead to a major state of burnout. If you find yourself wanting to tweak a few moves of the program/workout or if you are starting to get sick, you should take a break or at least adjust the exercise to suit your situation.


Being intensely committed to something is good as long as that commitment does not become blind dedication and make you feel burnt out. Tweaking the schedule of a program is far more beneficial for you instead of a burnout because it can be challenging to overcome.


If you are following a weight loss program, then you will most probably have to do intense workouts at least once or twice a week, and milder workouts during the rest of the week. For a Type A personality such kinds of workout sessions are non-negotiable, and they will force themselves to go for it even if they are feeling sore.


The truth is that in doing so your cause yourself more harm than you do good. Yes, you will probably feel satisfied that you did what the program told you to do, but in the process, you will have brought your body to such an exhaustion that you actually set back your progress. Pushing your body when it is already sore is too taxing for it, and it will need even more time to recover. That can lead to extreme muscle ache and even tissue damage.


Weight loss and muscle strength are both things that need to be achieved through balance for the effects to be long-lasting. When you exert your body, the weight loss exercises become a lot less efficient. The muscles and the joints feel strained, and that will make your next workout even less useful. Opt for a mild yoga session to help your muscles and joints relax, or do fewer reps.


Being able to listen to your body and work in harmony with it is far more essential and beneficial to you than abiding by strict rules. Be flexible and make your choices align with what your body feels

What’s more, finding a meal plan that’s ideal for losing weight, staying in shape, but also covering all of your nutritional bases is vital.  That’s why so many people turn to Nutrisystem for men.  It makes it easier, and you almost don’t even have to think about dieting, you just do.  Definitely something to think about, if you’re interested in trying a new type of diet.

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