How Nick Vertucci is Using Poker to Interpret Business World

Nick Vertucci is famous for many things in the business world. He is one of the people that has revolutionized the real estate business by making it a viable investment option. In the last couple of years, he has educated masses on how to invest wisely. His book is currently one of the most read business books due to its insightful approach to business, which, unfortunately, is rarely taught in schools. All these attributions to the world of investments and marketing are some of the most visible signatures of Nick Vertucci. In the recent past, however, he has been part of high profile poker games. Why does he play poker?

One of the first reason why this investment guru plays poker is that poker has one of the best tricks in reading the human mind. In his book, he describes the value of having an understanding of how the human brain operates before making any move financially. This understanding is one of the main reasons why Nick Vertucci is fascinated by the world of poker. On this note, he has played with some of the best tacticians and therefore sharpening his interpretation of people’s moves.

Second, the poker world has taught him when to make moves and when to buy time and wait for the best moment. It is without a doubt that the investment world has many similarities with poker and this is one of the primary reasons why Nick Vertucci is an active player. According to him, before he started playing poker, he did not have a vast understanding of when to make a move and when to wait. This approach according to him had an impact on his business. He points out that playing with the best people in the world of poker; he now has a better understanding of moves.

Finally, Nick Vertucci points out that this new world has taught him to be always patient. Patience is arguably one of the virtue that many investors lack. Playing poker, however, he has learned to be patient and still give his ventures time to provide returns. This virtue according to him has completely changed his perception of investment.

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