How Equities First Holdings Have Grown to Other Countries

Equities First Holdings (EFH) was started by the CEO Al Christy, Jr. Christy, Jr. idea was to provide customers a method to be lent money to get through financial problems. Christy, Jr. utilize the equity-loan with the use of stocks as collateral. Christy, Jr. provides people another way to receive financing when needed. The success of equity-loan allows EFH to open in places such as United Kingdom, Thailand, China, and Australia.

EFH is popular with the people because they always show professionalism. The loan terms offered to clients are fair. The use of equity-loan would be an alternative to traditional lending practices. EFH can help entrepreneurs earn start-up capital with fair loan terms and lower interest rates. EFH does what it must to keep clients happy. EFH has been responsible for providing finance for businesses who may need it for growth, EFH must find a good projected value of stocks before it can be used as collateral.

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