Greg Secker Enlightens Starters in Forex Trade on What to Consider When Venturing In the Trade

The general argument within trading circles is that forex trade is too complicated for ordinary people to the extent that it is hard for newcomers to make any meaningful returns from it. However, Greg Secker is of an entirely different opinion. According to the renowned American businessman, all one needs to succeed in forex trade is a combination of determination, ability to manage risk, and understanding of basic forex trade indicators. While acknowledging the fact that it may take several months for a newcomer to get the three together, Secker argues that the learning process should not spill over a year for a dedicated trader.

The Indicators

For starters, there are a handful of forex indicators that Greg Secker believes one must get right before setting out to invest in the forex market. Some economists argue that success in forex trading is dependent purely on luck and that there are no defined indicators that can accurately predict how the trading unfolds. Secker discredits that argument saying that traders ought not to depend on luck but instead should read several indicators including, but not limited to, the Stochastic Oscillator, the Simple Moving Average (SMA), and the Exponential Moving Average (EMA).

The Stochastic Oscillator has been used by many generations of traders for more than six decades now. The indicator tool was invented by Dr. George Lane, a legendary trade analyst. When used objectively, the indicator can point to future occurrences, including as to whether a currency will fall or rise in value. The Simple Moving Average (SMA), on the other hand, can predict business trends for up to 100 days. Traders using it can know with a high degree of certainty how a currency will behave within 10 to 20 days as well as between 50 to 100 days. Lastly, the Exponential Moving Average (EMA) detects, and advice traders on how sudden market changes are regarding price or value.

About Greg

Ironically, Greg Secker is a graduate of agricultural and food sciences but has excelled in a completely different area- economic analysis. The alumnus of the University of Nottingham has been doing financial and economic analysis for the last 20 years.

Among the companies where Greg Secker has worked is Thomas Cook Financial Services. After leaving the firm in 2003, he founded his venture, Learn to Trade.

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