Greg Hague And His Real Estate Training Plan

Originally from Arizona, Greg Hague has been working in the real estate industry for many years now. Thirty-five years to be exact. Today, Hague travels across the entire United States talking about how the current real estate market works and how homes are being sold. Hague is not completely happy with the real estate market due to the fact that the same marketing procedures have been being used for over seventy-five years now. With the popularity of the internet, social media and other marketing techniques, Hague feels this process should have changed by now and the process of buying and selling a home should be very different than it is today. There are marketing tactics being used by major corporations that if incorporated into the real estate industry, could make a huge difference in the real estate market and how much people are able to sell their homes for.

Labeled by Hague, the current process of selling homes is considered to be done by ‘hope marketing’. This process involves a cookie cutter process of homes being sold as a meeting is set up with an agent, a sign is put on a front lawn and the listing becomes part of the MLS system which can be viewed by potential buyers and agents. Very little marketing is utilized and there really is no involved process that helps sellers get the most money possible when selling a home.

Training Potential
With many different real estate programs available to potential agents, there are a number of tactics taught when it comes to selling a home. The Real Estate Mavericks, run by Hague, teaches outside of the normal box. A fast sale formula is designed to take place over 29 days. At that time, a home or property should sell for a maximum price. This training involves securing clients, building your reputation and changing the world of real estate.

The Real Estate Mavericks utilize Hague’s vision to coach and educate agents through the process of listing and selling a home. The goal is to generate a great deal of excitement so a home will become a big interest for a number of people who may begin to out bid one another. As the price of a home goes up, this is because people don’t want to lose a listing that they have fallen in love with. The end result works well for the seller but the agent also develops a great reputation for getting a great sale price for their client.