Flickr Gets out of the Photo Book Space and Terminates its Wall Art Service

Flickr prides itself on being a renowned online photo sharing and management application. It allows users to share their favorite pictures and videos with the world privately and securely. Recently, the now Verizon-owned picture-sharing site announced that it was exiting from the photo book printing world. In fact, Flickr revealed that it was closing the feature that allowed its users to convert their pictures into expert-quality wall art. Through an email, Flickr told its users that it would hand over photo books to Blurb, a publishing service, as of October 16, 2017. Nonetheless, the company would terminate its wall art service.


Over the years, Flickr has experienced lack of adequate resources and attention. Additionally, numerous companies like Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google among others have ventured into the photo-sharing and photo-hosting space. This situation has led to increased competition for Flickr, a once Yahoo-held photo-sharing application.




Under the leadership of Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!’s chief executive officer, Flickr experienced renewed investment. In fact, the site acquired several entities including LookFlow, IQ Engines, and Ghostbird. This endeavor was not only meant to boost Flickr’s software but also its image recognition smarts and others elements.


Flickr unveiled the launching of photo books as a native aspect of its platform in 2013. Previously, the site had given access to third-party sites in a bid to allow them to create photo book using its pictures. This move marked the first time the site made its in-house tool meant for creating photo books.


In the year that followed, Flickr made expansion efforts on its photo book feature through enabling its users to convert their pictures into wall art. Later on, the site opened the new feature up to expert photographers to allow them to sell their work in the form of wall art to other users. Although it is unclear how successful such features have been until date, it is evident enough that photo book appears as a baseline tool for any photo-sharing or hosting service currently.

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