Everything about Randal Nardone: Fortress Investment Group Co-Founder.

Randal Nardone is one of the pioneers at Fortress Investment Group. The group was formed in 1998. He has served at the top management for 2 decades. In 2013, he was appointed as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. At Coinvestment Fund, he acted as the Chief Operating Officer. He was also the secretary of Newcastle Investment Corporation. Under his leadership, Fortress Investment Group has become a market leader in the financial sector. It is a public company since 2007. It was one of the first financial institutions in New York to go public. It is a listed company in the New York Securities Exchange. The firm has diversified its investment portfolios in many parts of the world. The company manages assets worth more than $43 billion.

Randal Nardone has played a key role in increasing the firm’s customer base. Over the years, the company has more than 1750 investors in its various sections. He has enabled the firm to identify the viable business opportunities that pose fewer risks and yield more returns. He focuses on customer retention. Fortress Investment Group has created more than 900 job opportunities over the years. The firm has highly experienced individuals in various sectors such as asset-based investing and operations management. The firm has helped many companies through mergers and acquisitions.Randal Nardone is innovative. He has continually introduced various strategies to give better results to the clients. The move has helped the firm to grow its assets. Within 5 years, the assets grew from $400 million to $3.9 billion. The company has diversified its investment vehicles to ensure regular and increased cash flows.

Recently, it ventured into the lucrative real estate business. It has expanded its operations to several states. He has provided directions for the firm to ensure its profitability even during hard economic times. Randal Nardone is a successful businessman. In 2007, he was featured in the Forbes Magazine as one of the richest individuals in the world. His wealth is estimated at billions of US dollars. He served UBS as the managing director and held a senior managerial position at BlackRock Financial Management. He has also worked in a law firm as a managing partner. He excelled in his higher education which he acquired at the University of Connecticut and at the Boston University. He specialized in English, Biology, and Law. He has helped Fortress Investment Group to make important decisions due to his skills and experience in various firms.


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