EOS Lip Balm, A Refreshing New Lip Balm Twist With Scents to Match

EOS lip balm is not an ordinary lip balm product. EOS offers exciting new flavors like vanilla bean, passion fruit, pomegranate raspberry, honeysuckle honeydew, sweet mint, blueberry acai, strawberry sorbet, summer fruit, vanilla mint, coconut milk, and blackberry nectar. But it isn’t just the flavors that excite the senses. It’s the new shape. That spherical shape fits perfectly in the hands and it gives that little click when you close it. The founders of EOS knew exactly what they were doing when they developed this. They wanted to attract and stir the five senses, sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.

Competitors in the lip balm markets have been around for a century or better. So the founders of EOS lip balm knew that getting into the game was going to be hard but they were up to the challenge. They keep their strategy on the down low, focusing their energies on creating the product and producing it. Once that was under way, they knew that all it would take was one chance meeting with a female buyer and they got that. She was excited about the little orbs and placed her order. It started with Walgreens, and then other big retail giants stepped right in. But getting it on the shelf was half the battle, the other half was getting it to sell.

They knew they needed to create a social media buzz around it and by doing that, they reached out to those in the beauty industry, getting them to try their products and review them online. Celebrities followed suit, using the products and creating more buzz around it. Pictures were taken of the celebrities using these products out in the public eye. Magazines picked up on the glamour of the pastel orbs, splashing advertisements all over. This created the stir the company needed to launch itself into success. EOS lip balm surpassed Chapstick, landing in the second spot in the lip balm world. Formore information, visit the EvolutionofSmooth.com Website.



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