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Cardiology deals with disorders within the heart. This field includes both the diagnosis and treatment options for coronary artery disease, heart failures, congenital heart defects, valvular heart rhythms and even electrophysiology. Cardiologists are often referred to as cardiac specialists and heart specialists – in the vernacular.

It is any good cardiologist’s mission to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective cardiovascular treatment plan and to see patients with numerous heart conditions, such as heart attacks, atrial fibrillation, murmurs or palpitations, heart disease and overall congestive heart failure. These specialists are highly trained surgeons as well.


Edward Honig

As the largest practicing cardiologist in NYC, Edward Honig offers a wide range of treatments to residents, services not found anywhere else. Edward Honig and his board-certified cardiologists have privileges to practice within all surrounding hospitals as well and define what quality patient-oriented care is in New York. As a Glen Care cardiologist, this doctor emphasizes doctor-patient communication and takes the time to listen to or work with each patient – one at a time. It is his goal to help you understand all your cardiovascular care options.


He’ll leverage his memberships in the region’s largest independent physicians group and collaborate with his peers on the latest practices and technologies that are uniquely specific to cardiology and its surrounding practices. It is his mission to offer assistance for the following:

  1. Heart Attacks
  2. Atrial Fibrillation
  3. Heart Murmurs
  4. Heart Disease
  5. Congestive Heart Failure
  6. And MUCH more



Cardiologists measure themselves only by the highest standards in patient care, communication and overall compassion, striving to provide unmatched patient experiences with heart-related healthcare. Honig’s providers are board certified in cardiology of many forms, including interventional cardiology. They have 30 providers, each with decades of experience. These providers believe in the value of patient-centered care and thus communicate clearly in educating patients on their condition. As part of NYC’s largest independent physician group, they offer a network of physicians who can care for multiple cardiology needs.


Glen Care Hospital in New York has a top-rated team of skilled cardiologists who have gained substantial expertise within their specialties through past studies at some of the most renowned national and international institutions. Every cardiologist on the team ranks among the best throughout the Best in New York and Best Cardiologists in the United States rankings; Honig is very proud of every cardiology team member!

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