Duda Melzer’s Familial Method of Helping

Eduardo “Duda” Sirotsky Melzer in an entrepreneur to keep your eyes on. After serving many years as Vice President at his family’s business, he’s become CEO and Chairman of the board of directors at RBS Group in Brazil. RBS focuses on media communications in Brazil. They have stake in an American market as well and are considered to be one of the fastest growing companies in Brazil. Another success Duda is responsible for is the founding of e.Bricks, a company that invests in promising online businesses. Digital marketing is the platform for this company. They’ve invested well over 300 million in startups since the company’s inception in 2012.

Duda Melzer wasn’t just handed success. He attended college in Brazil and earned a bachelor’s degree from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. He then went on to earn an MBA from Harvard University. He’s since attended Harvard to take career development coursework. Having worked in the US as an analyst for the Delphi Corporation. He was also CEO of an “unconventional” media company in New York City among other endeavors. He’s won many awards for his hard work including being recognized as a top leader in 2017 by the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. Many other awards including entrepreneur of the year and exceptional management are also among his credentials.

Duda Melzer not only is an entrepreneur, he’s also involved in running a foundation named after his grandfather Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho. The charity has been around for over three decades; its focus is to raise awareness for social issues affecting children and teens in Brazil. They work with governmental agencies to spread the word and get results. Melzer’s position as a leader in the communications world helps them spread the message to the general public as well. Not only does Duda take care of his family, but other famileis in need as well. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

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