Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna makes it look easy to combine his degree in medicine with his business savviness, but what many do not know is that his current business venture OVME is not his first trip around the block of working to make his dreams come true. McKenna actually just started with a dream of following in his father’s footsteps and wanted to become a general family physician; however, during his years in medical school at Tulane University, he saw the world of medicine start to change. Dr. Mark McKenna realized before even completing his medical degree, that his father’s income was actually declining due to factors beyond his control. It was at that point that McKenna started to acquire real estate property even while still in med school to be able to later supplement his income as a doctor.

Dr. Mark McKenna was able to not only work as a physician in his father’s office, but he also built a successful real estate company within a few years of graduating Tulane University. He later sold this real estate venture for a profit and opened a venture that was built around the idea of state of the art aesthetic offices. These offices were called ShapeMed and were very successful. McKenna was able to sell ShapeMed for a total of 4.4 million dollars to a chain of gyms. That money has given him the financial backing for his current business venture called, OVME.

OVME is similar to ShapeMed in that offices will also be created for customers to seek out aesthetic treatments at; however, unlike his last venture, this time McKenna is tying in a technological app that people can access from their smartphones. This app will give individuals the opportunity to connect with practitioners in the area that will actually complete their aesthetic services, such as laser treatments and such, in the privacy of one’s own home. Dr. Mark McKenna has yet again realized just what it is that people in today’s society want and that is to enhance their appearance without everyone knowing in and his newest venture OVME and the accompanying app that he is developing, will give people the privacy that they desire.


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