Dr. Mark McKenna Mixes His Medical Experience with Entrepreneurial Genius

Today, Dr. Mark McKenna is a celebrated businessman and medicine practitioner. Not only does Mark hold licenses to practice medicine and surgery, but he has many successful pursuits in business. Dr. Mark McKenna has always held a high regard for patient rights and serving the community, which has brought him a great deal of attention from people. After having graduated from medical school, specifically Tulane University Medical School, Mark went on to work at the family business with his dad. Also, since Mark is a heavy believer in self-employment, he didn’t intend to look for a job, but instead create his own. Once he had a steady foundation for himself working with his father, he started his first company known as McKenna Venture Investments.

This company was just the first of many for Dr. Mark McKenna, as he had a whole string of ideas flowing out of his entrepreneurial mind. Mark has even stated that much of his ideas are fueled from plenty of reading and aspiring to match up with his idols, which include the likes of Barack Obama and Elon Musk. His strong desire to serve his community and make his ideas a reality have kept him active and successful in his life, even despite some setbacks caused from hurricane Katrina.

In 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he started up the company ShapeMed. ShapeMed was focused on aesthetic wellness without surgery, and this company performed so well that it was eventually bought seven years later by Life Time Fitness in 2014. In 2017, Mark came out with his latest idea and business pursuit, OVME, which is focused on cosmetic healthcare and aims to treat people right in their homes. Mark’s company will do this by employing an app that will let customers browse OVME’s services and order them right to their home, similar to finding drivers with Uber. Mark started this company in July, 2017, and it will be coming soon in 2018 with a string of locations employing professional medical practitioners.

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