David McDonald’s Impact at OSI Group

David McDonald is the president of one of the leading food processing companies in the world; OSI Group. With his abilities, Dave has helped the OSI Group grow and become an international company. OSI Group specifically deals in the processing of protein foods, snacks, pizza, and sandwiches. Its main aim is to grow and penetrate as many countries as possible. David McDonald, a graduate in Animal Science from Iowa State University is very innovative, and that has been the key thing at OSI Group.

David has considerable experience in the food processing industry. He is a past chairman of the North American Meat Institute. On top of that, Dave is a Director at Marfrig Global Foods. He has vast experience, and he has helped OSI group penetrate various markets in the world. OSI Group has been operational in China for over 20 years now. David Focused China due to its population which means a ready market for processed food. This was very tactical as with high and ever-growing population in China, and food demand will rise. Therefore, the company will be supplying protein foods, beef patties, pizzas, and snacks to local food companies.

David McDonald believes with local- solution strategies, OSI group will continue to grow globally. He ensures that management of local plants established in different countries like China, understand the local market very well. This ensures proper understanding of their customers’ preferences, and they should aim at satisfying them. This means that the products they develop have ready market hence more sales and significant profits.

With the aim of becoming a global brand, OSI Group with the help of David acquired Baho Foods. Baho Foods was a Dutch food processing company that dealt with deli Meat, snacks, and convenience foods. David said that this was a great move as it was to enhance the presence of OSI Group in Europe. With Baho Food having subsidiary food processing plants in Germany and Netherlands, OSI Group presence will be felt in Europe.

Dave has also helped the Group get major contracts. In 2008, in Beijing, OSI Group got a deal to supply chicken, beef, eggs, and pork at the Olympic games. Using superior tactics, intelligence and innovations, David has helped the OSI Group grow and expand.

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