David McDonald President of OSI Group LLC

David McDonald, current president and chief operating officer of OSI group, was initially born in 1964 grew up on a farm in northeastern Iowa and eventually went to the University of Iowa State and graduated with a degree in animal science. After graduating David McDonald joined OSI group a food processing company with his original position as a project manager. His initial focus within the company was on the expansion of the business within Latin America and Asian countries. As time went on, he eventually rose to the ranks of the company to become the president and chief operating officer as well as service one of the Board of Directors for the company. With over 30 years at the company of OSI, he has had a significant role in the expansion and growth of their business.

OSI group recently purchased Dutch deli meat and food processing company Baho Foods. This resulted in a significant gain in the presence of the OSI group in European countries. The company now has over ten processing centers in the nation of China showing a significant global presence in the food processing industry.

David McDonald believes that identifying with local culture is one of the most effective marketing strategies a company can initiate. This will help the company deliver products and services that potential customers desire and help to instill trust with potential consumers.

As of now most of David McDonald’s time is spent overseeing the businesses operations in the country of China. He hopes to continue bringing the highest level of value he can to his clients as well as maintaining the company’s position as a home for innovation within the industry. All of these initiatives are in line with David McDonald’s gold to help OSI group become the premier global food provider in the world. As the world continues to change David McDonald’s believes that maintaining a continually growing and adapting company is essential and with the creation of new unique solutions to tackle potential problems on the market he hopes to help deliver the experience of excellence that customers have grown accustomed to.

As the world of food processing continues to grow OSI group maintains an emphasis on family as it is ever necessary within the industry. By focusing on things such as food quality and work quality the company has been able to provide a world-class experience for all potential clients as well as employees throughout the company.

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