Corpus Christi photographer and occupational therapist showcases her client’s success

The luckiest individuals can make their hobby their profession. The second luckiest individuals are people who can find ways to combine their hobby and their professional life. Occupational therapist Heather Sage Allerman from Corpus Christi Texas has found a way to do just that. Her photography project helps share her client’s success stories with the world. She offers special sessions for her clients every six months, according to the Caller Times.

Because of Allerman’s role as an occupational therapist, the project showcases skills the clients have learned in her care. Although she focuses on young children with developmental delays, young adults, particularly those about to graduate High School have also been featured in her work. Jordan Arsipe is shown posing for his senior picture in one of her Mighty One projects.

The Mighty photography project has not spread far beyond Corpus Christi and the outlying areas, but Allerman wants to share her work with others. She hopes other occupational therapist join the project and showcase their success stories. Allerman believes she is not the only occupational therapist interested in photography as an art form, and she knows there are many other success stories to be shared.

Allerman shows pride in all her clients, but she particularly admires the toughest cases. One young girl, born with two parts of her brain missing, eventually learned to walk and play kickball. The goal of occupational therapy is different than physical therapy, although the two fields are often seen as related. Occupational therapy teaches life skills, while physical therapy is designed to strengthen muscles after injury and restore range of motion. Younger cllients with developmental delays may need both to improve function.

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