Contributions of Whitney Wolfe in the World of Dating

The industry of technology grows day by day, and this has led to the evolution of gender companies. Most of the companies that were launched were specifically for the male gender, and it is because the founders and executives were men. When Whitney Wolfe created a company for the female gender it captured the attention of a lot of people, the firm is managed by ladies. Things began changing when Whitney established a dating app known as Bumble. Whitney Wolfe did not just find herself where she is today with the Bumble. There is a journey behind her success. Her journey began at Tinder a well-known dating app. Whitney Wolfe is among the founders of Tinder, and she worked there as a marketing VP. At Tinder is where the passion of improving the vision of strengthening the female grew.

Whitney was popular because she was dedicated to her working of easing the process of helping people to hook up with probable romantic partners. Tinder was efficient but not much impactful in the online dating. Whitney started Bumble which was the first the first app for female dating. Unlike the traditional dating apps, Bumble app accommodated both male and female. The women are given the priority in Bumble. The users of the Bumble have rapidly increased to millions, and it is the topmost dating app in the world today. The fact that Bumble is transparent and its environment is conducive for women since they feel strengthened and secure made it, Bumble to be the frontline dating app in the United States.

The goal of Whitney Wolfe is to advance the Bumble in a way that the people will be able to locate the romantic partners but business partners as well. The successful business journey of Whitney Wolfe began while she was learning at Southern Methodist University where she specialized in International Studies. Whitney revealed capability of coming up with creative ideas that would work well in the marketplace. She used to sell the bamboo tote bags minding about the advantage of marine environment at the Gulf Coast that was destroyed by the BP oil. Wolfe associated herself with Patrick Aufdenkamp who was a renowned artist, and they formed Help Us Project with the aim of designing the totes. The passion of Wolfe was to make a better living in the world. Wolfe was born at a place called Salt Lake City, and she married to Michael Herd in 2017.

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