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The Woman With A Vision For Success, Julie Zuckerberg

If you are a financial expert who is interested in working in the financial sector, then you may try contacting lead recruiter Julie Zuckerberg to land you the right company. She is an executive recruitment lead at Deutsche Bank. Julie Zuckerberg has worked in different firms holding the position of an executive recruitment director. Currently, she is the executive talent hiring director and vice president for Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank is a German investment bank that came about in 1870.

Her career in finance kicked off in 2002 when she was the Hiring Manager at Hudson. Julie Zuckerberg worked for this firm for five years. During her tenure at Hudson, she recruited case managers, ancillary staff, paralegals, and attorneys in either temporary or permanent positions. She was totally dedicated to her work as she took time out to disseminate both her clients and employees on how to win promotions, redeem company benefits and the right working conditions they should work. Julie Zuckerberg also acted as a bridge between employers and employees in instances of hiring new candidates or solving work related issues respectively. Finally, she made sure that Hudson filed all their legal requirements and Tax. Coming to the end of 2007, Julie Zuckerberg sought for greener pastures at Citi Global Consumer Bank and Citi Global Functions in New York as an Executive Recruiter. Her advanced skills offered recruiting services for Managing Director and Director Roles for Citi Global and CitiCards Consumer Marketing. She also disseminated top business heads on new compensation trends, hiring strategies, competitive markets, and how to retain talent in their firms. Julie Zuckerberg also led the negotiations and development of complex job offers that had equity awards, buyouts, relocation, clawbacks, immigration, among others hiring related issues.

Julie Zuckerberg’s current workplace

In April 2014, Julie Zuckerberg got hired by Deutsche Bank as the head of Talent Acquisition, and as an Executive Recruiter, she later got a promotion to the Vice President of the bank. During her stint there, she took care of contract governance with outsourcing companies and designing of initiatives like IHC and CCAR mandates. In November 2015, Julie’s unmatched efforts at Deutsche Bank got noticed, and her responsibilities got added. She now assumes new duties like collaborating with business entrepreneurs in Commercial Clients, Operations, handling of Private Wealth, and Global Technology. Julie Zuckerberg still continues to lead improvements in the acquisition strategies and recruitment processes. She also disseminates the recruiting coordinators and the team of recruiters in PW&CC, AM, and GTO.

Julie’s interests and hobbies

When Julie is not working, she engages in other physical activities which aren’t work-related. Currently, she resides in Manhattan, New York where the weather at times gets really cold, and jogging can keep you warm. Her other hobbies include discovering new technology, cooking or eating out, photography, and checking out art galleries. Besides all the above interest, Julie also prides in volunteering for programs that are related to economic empowerment, animal welfare, conserving the environment and anything that is human rights related.