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Top Wedding Photography Trends of the Year

During wedding season every year, wedding photography trends become extremely important to engaged couples. Couples often want to express their unique personalities in engagement photos and they pay significant sums of money to ensure that these photos are truly representative of their new lives together. In a recent piece published by the New York Times, Alex Strauss discusses some of the prevalent new trends in wedding photography and some of them may be surprising.


Using iPhones and Apps to Replace Professional Photographers

For more and more engaged couples, high priced professional wedding photographers are becoming a thing of the past. Because photography generally takes up about a third of the entire wedding budget, millennial are opting to use photos taken by the audience through apps like Snapchat and Instagram to capture their big days.


Incorporating Instagram Themes

Lots of couples are also incorporating Instagram motifs in their wedding decor. Small signs outside the entrance of a wedding that tell guests which hashtag to use to tag the future newly weds make a nice treat for many guests. These signs also eliminate the need to search for many different tags when looking for the photos later.


Separate Bridal Shoots

Many new brides are opting to have their wedding shoots on a separate day than the actual wedding. This allows the photos to be taken with a more focus and less of the rushed feeling that often occurs when these photos are taken immediately after the wedding. Couples are also opting to take day-after couples photos to help the wedding flow smoothly.


Social Media Photo Booths

Social Media photo booths have become all the rage with the under 30 crowd. These booths allow guests to have a unique experience and document their wedding fun on Instagram!


Selfie Shots

Finally, selfie shots have become a favorite for newly engaged couples. Instead of having to wait months for professional photography to arrive, wedding guests that could not make it to the event are treated with a lovely selfie of the blushing bride and her new groom.