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Reasons Behind the Success of Real Estate Industry in New York City

The development of the real estate companies has yielded a lot of fruits through the provision of high quality residential and commercial houses. This has led to upgrading of many estates into renowned residential centers with good living condition. As such, many cities across the world have undertaken the initiative of ensuring that the living conditions of the citizens is improved through provision of affordable housing units. New York City is developing at a very high rate due to the presence of many real estate development companies. According to the information reported on The Real Deal, the companies have posted some of the best sales and achievements in the recent months. According to the new report released on, majority of Brooklyn has been sold reaching a total of 1.7 billion dollars in September.

The real estate companies in New York have flourished in the sale of the houses giving a wide range of residential units to the natives at an affordable amount. Though the companies have been performing well, there are those that have recorded low sale in November according to the report released. For instance, Brown Harris Stevens saw the reduction in sales of 4.1 in November giving it the worst performance in the history of the real estate companies in New York. Another company that has benefited in the expansion of the housing market is the Halstead Property Development Marketing. The company has sold majority of the houses and more than 500 apartments are remaining for the public to acquire. The report has listed Olshan Realty as one of the successful companies having signed seventy contracts that saw the sale of the apartments priced at 4million dollars. In the commercial sector, other companies performed well by ensuring the sales of the properties went high. The Ariel Property Advisors initiated the sale of multifamily sales of houses totaling to over 1.7 billion dollars.

The Town Residential has also contributed a lot in the advancement of the real estate industry in New York City Luxury real estate. The company has provided an enabling environment for people to explore the real estate industry. This is a leading luxury real estate services firm that was established in 2010 and has continued to invest in outstanding modern residential and commercial development.

The company has one of the best experienced staff that have dedicated majority of their time in ensuring that good services are delivered to the public. As such, this is one among 50 best companies in new York that many propel have developed interest of working for.