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PSI Pay — Spread Your Wings and Pay for Free

The land of opportunities is the world of digital payments. You can make contactless payments, and your funds can be transferred instantly. This dream has been realized by two firms. PSI Pay and Kerv Wearables have created a partnership, and they have invented a great new payment system. The fashionable, high tech contactless payment ring is their gift to the world of finance. It is practical, stylish, and creative. This is the very first ring in the world that can be used to make contactless payments. It is a great invention. Many people have already begun using it. Across Europe, people are buying them and giving them as gifts.

The ring comes in two colors. They are white and gray. It is crafted out of a ceramic that is stronger than steel, titanium, and silver. The ceramic is waterproof, scratch proof, highly durable, and resistant to breaking. The ring will withstand terrible weather conditions, and it is certified completely safe. PSI Pay has taken great measures to ensure their customers can use the contactless payment ring with complete security. MasterCard has examined the ring and given their full endorsement. The ring uses the latest encryption technology to protect sensitive financial data, and it does not link to your phone or bank account. The contactless payment ring that PSI Pay created has an independent account that customers can add funds to. The account can be filled up by using your PayPal, bank account, or credit or debit card. It only takes a few minutes, and you are ready to go! The current limit for contactless purchases is 30 pounds. This limit can be exceeded with a small card if a customer needs to make a large purchase. The ring runs on an internal power supply that does not rely on a battery. It recharges by using the waves of electricity present at the contactless payment center at any given merchant’s POS station.


PSI Pay makes use of the European wallet scheme. This means that the contactless payment ring will contain a sum of digital cash which can be easily converted into the local currency on the fly. A number of different types of transactions are possible. You can withdraw money, you can make quick purchases, and you can even send your friends money. The digital cash gets exchanged for the local currency of the country you are located in, so it is great for travelers.

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Stream Energy and Unused Electricity

Everybody has experienced a moment where they have been shocked by their electricity bill. Most people can recall an instance in time in which they have cringed when seeing the energy bill that just arrived on their doorstep. These bills can often lead to people questioning how it is possible that this utility bill could have gotten so out of hand. Although there are a number of ways in which one can save energy, a commonly overlooked way in which you’re electricity is being used is through your idol household appliances and gadgets. These machines can be easily found throughout your house and make up a notable amount of your annual energy cost.

Most people are unaware of the fact that appliances which are plugged in are still using electricity, regardless of them being active or not. These devices, which are often sitting unused, can slowly creep up on your energy bill and cause significant differences. Basic household appliances such as computers, video game consoles, and even your coffee maker; can utilize and suck up recognizable amounts of energy if plugged in while not being used. Although the cost may go unnoticed for one item, all of them added together over a long period of time can have a noticeable effect on your overall annual energy cost.

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What is Stream Energy and Where are They Available?

Stream is a company which was originally founded in 2004 as a national firm for natural gas as well as electricity. Since then, it has grown into a large provider of a number of Home services including energy and even wireless. Stream’s headquarters are located in the city of Dallas, but most of their services can be received throughout the country. The only exception to the availability of their services is their limitation of where they can supply Energy. Due to a number of corporate and legal reasons, Stream is only capable of supplying energy in states which have deregulated markets. Basically put, it is a service only available to those few lucky states that have the choice of choosing between their energy supplier.

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