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Susan McGalla Has The Recipe For Success

Susan McGalla attended Mount Union College and was awarded a Bachelors degree in business and marketing, and is a member of the Board of Advisors.
She started to hone her marketing and managing skills when she joined the Joseph Horne company in June 1998.
She joined the workforce of American Eagles Outfitters in January 1994. Because she was the Divisional merchandise buyer of women’s clothing, she had the inside track of what women wanted to wear and how they wanted to look. She began to redesign and develop how to successfully market and expand the women’s sportswear and accessories.
Utilizing the knowledge, she gained from American Eagle Brand President, Chief Merchandising Officer in January 2003. The P&L had a new President and Chief Merchandising Officer in January 2007. Her new duties included three other brands in the company.

Her extraordinary skills and innovative insight coupled with determination and a passion for the fashion industry, fired her desire to open a business of her own.
Susan founded and launched the P3 Executive Consulting, LLC in 2013. Her firm uses creative ideas and strategies for merchandising and marketing products, which includes supply chains, developing brands, and organizes the development process for her clients.

Susan is the Pittsburgh Steelers football team new Director of Strategic Planning and Growth in January of 2015. She listened to the fans, and a new wardrobe line of sports wear was created.
Sportswear for professional teams has taken a step into the 21st century.
The Pittsburgh Steelers sportswear has the clubs name displayed across the shirts in the bold colors of Metallic Gold, Neon Yellow, and pink for the younger female fans. Touch by Alyssa Milano, is a celebrity that lent her design talents and ideas to the new fashion line. The jewelry that will accent the sportswear, from earrings to Steeler’s charms were created and designed by the Danish International Jewelry Manufacturer Pandora.

Susan McGalla has continuously proven that a woman can handle a position that is usually held by males. She is respected in the business world, and hailed as a ‘Hero’ and the model for women around the world, because of her accomplishments. Her management and merchandising successes, are the results of thoroughly researching the industry, listening to the consumers and providing the type of product they want to purchase. The ease of shopping for the Steelers merchandise has been brought into the 21st century. The sportswear can be purchased using any electronic devises.
She is respected in the business world, and hailed as a ‘Hero’ and the model for women around the world, because of her outstanding accomplishments.