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Michel Terpin; the undoubted champion of Brazilian cross-country rally

Michel Terpin is undoubtedly one of the best rally drivers in Brazil. He showcased his prowess behind the wheels during the 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally where he managed to emerge victorious despite facing many challenges during the race. He managed to clinch position five in the competition. Michel has been competing alongside his brother Rodrigo Terpins, but he competed alongside Maykel Justo for the first time in the Bull Sertoes race.

Michel and Maykel were driving T-rex, which is a unique car that was developed by MEM team exclusively for this race. The MEM team introduced significant improvements on the T-rex. Some of these developments include better handling and suspension, which was calibrated with the highest precision to enhance performance. The engineers designed a machine that could handle the overall twenty-six thousand kilometers of rough terrain. The terrain traversed over two states and it wasn’t easy for most of the drivers who competed in the race.

Every stage of the race involved a set of challenges that required Michel and his colleagues to work as a team. In the second phase, the Bull Sertoes Rally team emerged in the first place, and it was a remarkable accomplishment especially for members who have never worked as a team before. It gave them a prime opportunity for the members of the team to understand each other’s skills and abilities.

Michel Terpins’ car had the #322 sticker on it. The vehicle was part of the carbon-free initiative that was brought to life by Green Initiative foundation. The foundation issued carbon free seal stickers to all the participating cars. The label served as an assurance that the participating drivers would support the foundation to plant trees in the Atlantic forest as a way of compensating for the carbon dioxide produced by the rally cars.

Michel Terpin used his influence to rally other drivers to support this noble initiative as it will go a long way in combating climate change which has been witnessed in the recent years. Terpin is only 40 years old, and his age doesn’t seem to deter him in competing in the future rallies.