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Brazilian Champion Michel Terpins

If you want to mention a popular name when it comes to a rally car driver, Michel Terpins is a name you can’t go without mentioning. Michel Terpins has accomplished numerous titles competing in rally races even though in 2002, he started his career racing motorcycles. It was two years later, when Michel joined the car category later becoming the current prototypes leader in the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship. The main reason Terpins joined the car category and began rally race car driving is he wanted to be internationally known as a rally driver, not in racing motorcycles. Making that choice was a good one according to the rally race world, he belongs to the Bull Sertoes Rally Team and today is one of the best rally drivers in the country.

Michel’s team has been very successful competing at a high level finishing in high positions in races that are very well-known, for example The Mitsubishi Cup and many more rally races including other heavy competition. With every race Michel Terpins took part in, he became more experienced and aware of his abilities. To this day, in America he is one of the best drivers and loved in Brazil for his success. Rally race car fans and lovers of the sport or so proud of Michel not only on his hometown Sao Paulo in Brazil, but everywhere in the racing community. Michel Terpins has had such a positive impact on other top rally race car drivers and on all the fans he attracts to all his competitions.

Determination and that undeniable mindset to succeed is what best describes Terpins, there is no doubt when it’s all said and done, Michel Terpins will be a name at the top of the list out of many rally race car drivers in history!