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Envoy Collaborates with OneLogin to Automate their Customer Login System

San Francisco based company, Envoy deals with tech-forward companies that fully adopt technology to promote security and productivity. Recently, the company collaborated with OneLogin to upgrade their visitor registration process allowing visitors to sign-in using iPad. The new system got rid of manual logbooks which were uninspiring, outdated, and insecure. Among the upgraded features include digital NDA, visitor sign-in, host notifications, and visitor’s photos and badges.

How Envoy Customers will Gain from the Automation

Those Envoy customers have a lot of movement as employees move in, out, and around the company. This left the IT admins with a lot of updating to do across dozens of applications as they had to ensure great end-user experience and enhanced security. This burden was offloaded when Envoy partnered with OneLogin to automate the user on/off boarding.

The automation integrated System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) which helps simplify user purveying and management. The system captures customer details such as first name, last names, emails, and office location from OneLogin and feeds it to Envoy. Since the system synchronizes to the desired application, it automatically updates user profile in case any changes occur.

In addition, the system has improved customer experience since there is no more outdated data. The new Envoy Visitor Registration ensures that all employee records are accurately updated and easy to manage. The host notification alerts employees when a visitor arrives, while the automated registration saves the visitor time spent looking for non-existence employees. Having up-to-date employee information improves the overall security since only current employees are chosen as host upon visitor sign-in.

Benefits of SCIM to Envoy

According to Envoy Head of Product Wells Riley, the system offers consistency in user data which gives the company a better understanding of data available to work with. This in turn helps them improve their product as they evolve. The understanding that their product is improving customer experience gives them the confidence to move forward.

How to Activate the Feature

Envoy customers have two options of getting the SCIM protocol, either as an Enterprise Customer or Premium customer. The customer sets up the feature by adding the Envoy user provisioning connector to the OneLogin’s application catalog.