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Amazon Now Offering Snap Spectacles

Last autumn Snap, Inc., released a pair of sunglasses with a built-in camera that allowed users to take a 10 to 30 second video and upload it automatically to Snapchat. The trendy specs were only available at surprise vending machine setups at first. The vending machine kiosks went viral quickly, and people stood in long lines waiting to pay $129.99 for a pair of black, coral, or teal snap spectacles. Eventually the glasses were put up for sale online through a direct purchase website and temporary New York City storefront. Now buyers can purchase the specs through the Amazon website or app.

The benefit of using Snap Spectacles is they offer a unique perspective for videos. Everything is captured at eye-level, and the results can be viewed in landscape or portrait orientation on a smartphone using the Snapchat app. Some users have complained about the Snap Spectacle software being clumsy and difficult to use, but otherwise the glasses have received promising reviews. Users who enjoy using Snapchat with their phones on a regular basis should find the glasses a faster and easier way to capture snaps on the go.

Although the initial buzz translated into booming sales for the spectacles last year, sales have fallen sharply in the last quarter. Snap continues to call the spectacles an experiment, and reports that the glasses have not been a big money maker for the company yet. The Amazon version of Snap Spectacles are available in the same three colors as the original, and the price is still holding steady at $129.99. The spectacles can be purchased with Amazon’s next-day delivery option.