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Can Families Afford Cleaning Services With Handy?

The American dream involves a home with a white picket fence, several children, a family pet and a maid. Most modern American families cannot afford a cleaning service because cleaning services require lengthy contracts. The consistent expense involved with a cleaning service causes problems for the family’s monthly budget, but families can afford a cleaning service when using Handy. This article explains how Handy helps families afford the cleaning services they need most.

#1: Handy Does Not Use Contracts

Every Handy user may browse the catalog of cleaners at their leisure, and every Handy cleaner may take any job they are offered. Each cleaner sets a price that is charged per hour, but the user is only obligated to pay for one service at a time. Families that need to have their homes cleaned a few times a year may hire their cleaner for just one cleaning, and the cleaner will go on to serve many other families before scheduling another appointment.

#2: The Prices Are Fair

The prices charged by Handy are fair for homeowners, and a cleaner will make somewhere between $15 and $22 an hour. Cleaners are making good money for their services, and the homeowner does not overpay for cleaning. The cleaner handles the job as quickly as possible, and the family makes a small payment for each cleaning service. Users may search for the cleaners that charge the right prices, and Handy takes care of the rest.

#3: There Are Millions Of People On Handy

Handy is booking about a million dollars in jobs a week, and everyone on the website is walking away winner. Cleaners are getting more business than they ever had before, and homeowners are able to find cleaners quickly. The website speeds up the search process for homeowners, and cleaners need not spend all their time hoping to find new clients. Handy has improved quite a bit since it was founded, and the number of jobs booked every week is likely to rise.

#4: The Search Field Is Easy To Use

Most large cities in America have big metropolitan areas with many different towns. There are cleaners in every town that are ready to help customers, and users may find a cleaner who is close to their location. The search parameters can be changed by the customers, and each user will find a cleaner who offers the services that are needed most. Searching for the right cleaner is more important than choosing the first cleaner that comes along.

Handy is a wonderful clearinghouse for homeowners who need cleaning services, and Handy has created a system that is affordable for all users. Families that need cleaning done a few times a year can find a cleaner without signing a contract, and cleaners find more customers than they could on their own. The simple bulletin board approach used by Handy helps keep the American dream alive for people who are looking to keep their homes clean without ruining their monthly budget.