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Rib Cage Bragging Becomes New Photo Trend On Social Media

A Forbes photography contributor, Bruce Y. Lee, recently discovered that a photography trend called, “ribcage bragging” had recently taken over social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This trend has become especially popular with stars like Kourtney Kardashian and Rita Ora, and involves the manipulation of the body into poses that highlight a protruding ribcage and an utterly fit physique. The trend has become popularized by the hashtag system, with the tag #ribcage bragging becoming one of the most hashtags of the year. The photo trend has also become mainstream for average selfie takers who desire to boast about their ability to show their ribcages in photos.


Although this trend has become popular in the social media world, it has received criticism from several reputable news sources and from some social media users. In an Instagram post, Fernanda Familiar revealed her ribcage in a two piece bikini during a beach shoot. Many praised the model’s physique in the photo, while other Instagram users posted comments asking about the model’s eating habits and saying she looked unhealthy and unrealistic. Other stars have also received backlash for posting photos that accentuated their ribcages and many have complained that these stars are in the habit of setting unrealistic expectations for the general public.


Americans have, for the past few decades, been clamoring for celebrities to show a more realistic portrait of themselves than they typically have. There is a great desire among social media users to connect with celebrities on a human level and photo trends like ribcage bragging are not helpful to them in this pursuit. While the people who engage in this trend produce fantastic photos for social media sites, the general public wants to see photos that represent what they believe is a realistic feminine physique. Experts in photo trends do not expect the ribcage bragging hashtag to be long lived because of the reaction to the trend by the average social media users.