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Today’s Beauty Product Scene

Every woman like Doe Deere knows deep down that looking her very best is critically important to her confidence and well being. It’s a woman’s belief in herself that often drives her creative side, moving her to be playful and take chances in the way she makes herself up. Adding extra creativity to a makeup routine really enhances a woman’s beauty and ultimately will bring new energy to her overall appeal, so why not go all out and really embrace those good looks?


Right now, there’s a welcome new trend in beauty products, and it’s all about taking a look a little bit farther, all the way into something truly bold. Beauty that has a wow factor comes from taking chances, and it also comes from having the right products and really knowing how to use them. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting trends in makeup that are happening now.


Some of the major makeup brands like Revlon, L’Oreal and Cover Girl are all about the eyebrows these days. Today, the styling of classic looking eyebrows is being given as much attention as tried and true eye makeup, which has generally focused more on liners, shadows and mascaras. Still, the big news in the comeback of the eyebrow is that a really well shaped, contoured and pencilled eyebrow has huge impact, especially when those brows are providing an elegant frame for beautifully made up eyes.


A slightly shimmering, iridescent look that glows underneath darker eyeshadow is another look that’s trending right now, and there’s no question it’s a beauty winner. The look can be achieved by brushing on a light layers of iridescent powder over the eyelids, and then following it up with a lush shade of sable brown or brownish maroon.


While we’re focusing on the eyes, it’s important not to ignore those all important lips. The lips are also becoming a major focus with great lipsticks out there from brands like Lime Crime. Lime Crime is the creation of Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere, who’s made it her cause to create lip colors that make a statement. The Unicorn Lipsticks from Lime Crime certainly do, as they go on thick and pouty, in bold colors that range from bright blue to green to hotter than hot pink. The result is lips that are kissable as can be.

As the Fall comes around, there’s a feeling of change in the air, and that change should take place in embracing some bold new looks that make that gorgeous face that much more beautiful.