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The Impact Of George Soros As A Philanthropists

George Soros gets ranked among the leading philanthropists in the world. As a philanthropist, George has donated over thirty-two billion dollars of his treasures to support the work of the Open Society projects all over the globe. George gets credited with being the one who established and becoming the major supporter of the Budapest’s Central European University. This University is the top institution that educates its students in social sciences.

Through Gorge Soros and his sponsorship through the Open Society Foundations, he has managed to support people including firms and organizations all over the world that fight for unaccountable governments, liberty of expression including societies that back equality and justice. Through the foundation, Soros has managed to offer fees for to numerous talented students in various learning institutions who may be denied learning because of their poor background and their identity.

His charitable giving gets dedicated to many that face discrimination because of whom they are as people. George Soros has funded organizations that represent the Roma people of Europe and other people that get discriminated in the society that include sex workers, drug users and the LGBTI persons.

George started his philanthropic character in 1979 by giving scholarships to black South Africans that were under racial discrimination. He continued with this nature such that in the 1980s he assisted in supporting the open exchange of ideas in Communist Hungary. To help that initiative, he funded the educational visits to the west and promoted new cultural firms and other enterprises.
In the political sector, George is also not left out.

He has funded Democrats politicians in the national campaigns. For example, Soros supported the candidature of Hillary Clinton other Democrat candidates. To help he donated one million to the Super PAC Priorities which was promoting Hillary Clinton’s presidential race. He also supported the re-election of Barack Obama as the President of USA by also donating one million dollars to super PAC.

Recently, Soros has donated eighteen billion dollars of his wealth to Open Society Foundation. This donation amounts to more than thirty billion dollars of the total contributions he has made to foundations from the year 1984. The main thing that stirs him to offer such donations is his commitment to fighting the world’s most stubborn problems. Through his contributions, Soros has managed to be independence than other individuals.

Soros is a Hungarian-American who was born in 1930 when Hungary was under Nazi of Germany. Having survived the brutal killings that Jews were facing by the Nazi through his father’s cleverness in faking their identities and also assisting others. Soros had then grown and later moved to England to further his education. While there he had the opportunity to work as humble porter at one of the train station to earn extra pocket money to support himself.

Gorge Soros was attending school at London School of Economics where graduated with a bachelor’s degree and later in a master’s degree in philosophy. From there he moved to the United States and begun working on Wall Street.

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The Latest Targets of End Citizens United in California Confirmed

End Citizens United is intensifying its attacks and campaigns against big money in the election spectrum in the recent days considering the congressional elections are nearing. The group fighting against big donors has recently published a list of 20 conservative candidates to the Congress, whom the PAC wants to be defeated. Interestingly, the list also included four candidates from California – considered as a Democratic stronghold for long. ECU has also detailed its plans to spend millions to elect as many liberals as possible to ensure a smooth campaign finance reform in the Houses – the biggest goal of the PAC.

It was on December 5, 2017, the PAC declared the names of four representatives, all are from the Republican Party, whom ECU would campaign in an attempt to defeat them. The list included Duncan Hunter who is from Alpine, Mimi Walters from Irvine, Darrell Issa from Vista, and Dana Rohrabacher who is from Costa Mesa. Interestingly, the PAC analyzed that these four representatives are facing a vulnerable election this time, and the campaigns of the PAC might significantly affect their possibilities. The PAC that is known for mass support and millions of volunteers at the grassroots level is expected to mobilize independent voters against the candidates in the coming days.

Tiffany Muller, a prominent political activist and the President of ECU, stated that California provides some of the best opportunities considering it saw some worst examples of politics by referring the four representatives. She continued to the news reporters that the representatives are involved in a number of scandalous acts in the past. For instance, Hunter has been booked under misappropriation of campaign funds, and the investigation is ongoing. Also, Issa has received campaign donations from some telecommunication companies.

The PAC was established in the year 2015 as an initiative of some liberal political activists who were upset with big money in shaping policies. Since its inception, it became one of the biggest networks in the United States with millions of dedicated volunteers at the grassroots level. Interestingly, ECU collected $25.5 million and strongly campaigned against President Donald Trump in the 2016 election. For 2018 elections, it plans to approach maximum independent voters as possible to ensure the message of big money in campaigns are effectively communicated to them. The PAC would also ask them to prioritize big money as a serious concern in the upcoming elections.

To give a clear message on big donations, the PAC has set a limit for all the contributions by the individuals toward the PAC – $5,000 per individual. However, the PAC is known to collect large sums in the form of small contributions from a significantly large mass base – the biggest asset of the PAC in its fight against dark money and politics nexus.

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Open Society Founder George Soros Is Focused On Hungary

The George Soros story is still being written, but the first few chapters bring new meaning to the word “determined.” Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. His Jewish parents were not poor. George Soros father was politically connected. When things got bad in Hungary in 1944-45, George’s father made plans to get him out of the country. At fourteen-years-old, George saw what Nazi beliefs can do to a country. Young Soros went to London. And in order to make ends meet, he became a waiter. In 1951, he was able to enroll in the London School of Economics.

While he was studying philosophy, he also got interested in the concept of an open society. That concept built the framework for one of his professor’s courses. The architect of the open society concept is philosopher Karl Popper. Popper’s theory is no ideology or philosophy has influence over the truth. Societies can only flourish when they have freedom of expression, respect for individual rights, and democratic governance. And that concept, as well as Soros money, fuels the Open Society Foundation today.

When Soros got his degree, he went to work for the father of a friend in the investing business. But when the opportunity to work in New York was in front of him in 1956, he couldn’t resist. By 1970, Soros was making enough money to start his own hedge fund, Soros Fund Management. That fund is one of the most successful hedge funds in the history of investing. He took some of the money from his fund to fund the Open Society Foundation in 1979. Over the last 38 years, Soros has given away $12 billion in order to spread democracy and freedom across the world through that Society and what George Soros knows.

Soros is still active in the investment industry, but he only invests family money. During the 1990s, Soros became a legend in the hedge fund world, when he shorted the pound sterling. That was a big payday. George put $1 billion in his bank account, and his partners were suddenly $7 billion richer and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

But Soros is also a liberal who believes in supporting the Democratic Party, and he does that in a big financial way. Hillary Clinton is a friend, and Democratic leaders call Soros when they need money, or help with a political issue. But there’s another challenge rearing its head in the life of Soros and Follow him The illiberal government in his birth country wants foreign investors to identify themselves when their nongovernmental organizations receive foreign funds. The Hungarian government claims the new law will prevent money laundering and terrorist funding. Soros is the founder of Central University in Hungary, and critics of the government say the law is a way to stop George Soros. They also say Hungary’s government looks more like the Russian government every day and more information click here.

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