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Wedding Photography Helps Woman Get Over The Most Difficult Time Of Her Life

Kelsey Combe’s parents died within three months of each other. She stated that 2017 was one of the most difficult years of her life, but wedding photography helped her get through it.

Kelsey’s mom, Sharon, was diagnosed, with lung cancer in 2014. She received treatment and was declared cancer-free the same year. However, a year later, she developed a complication. Sharon participated in a clinical-trial, which gave her another 1.5 years to live. Kelsey’s dad was diagnosed with cancer around this same time.

Kelsey moved both of her parents into her home in order to take care of them. Sharon died on June 14, 2017. Kelsey’s Dad, Doug, died on September 25, 2017. She decided to turn to wedding photography to help her heal. She stated that weddings kept her going when she could have just hid in the bed.

Kelsey said that seeing grooms and brides with their parents gave her mixed emotions. However, she was happy for them. She also stated that she was happy to make other people’s day special.

Cycling was another thing that helped Kelsey get over the death of her parents. She put together a team called Cycle for Survival. Kelsey’s siblings also participated in the cycling. The funds that she raises for Cycling for Survival goes to support cancer research.

The funds will go to Memorial Sloan Kettering. This is where both Sharon’s parents received treatment. Kelsey is asking people to donate to the cause if they are unable to ride. She wants to help fight cancer and change the future.

Kelsey stated that her parents were extraordinary people and parents. She wants everyone to know how wonderful they were.

The She Knew Posters

If you live in Los Angeles, you’ve probably seen or heard about the “She Knew” photographs or posters that are plastered in multiple places across Los Angeles. The posters depict Hollywood Actress, Meryl Streep with a red mark across her face. Harvey Weinstein is standing very prominently beside in the photograph. A right wing artist that lives in Los Angeles states that he is the creator of the posters. Furthermore, the right wing artist states that the posters are revenge for the actress speaking out against President Donald Trump.

The Artist, Sabo
Most people are not familiar with the artist that created the posters that are now the talk of the town and gaining world-wide attention. The artist would like the world to know that he drew the red mark across Meryl Streep’s face to show that she was fully aware of the misconduct of Harvey Weinstein, but chose to ignore this behavior. Sabo was not alone in revenge seeking. He and another artist came up with the concept to create the posters that bashed the actress.

LA Posters Go Viral
Take a walk around popular spots in Los Angeles and you will probably see the larger than life posters that depict the well-known actress with Weinstein. The artists made sure that the posters were placed in very prominent spots that would gather quick attention. For example, a poster was spotted within the vicinity of Meryl Streep’s home. Other posters were placed close to the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists’ headquarters. Another poster was placed near the 20th Century Fox studio lot.

More About Sabo
Now, people are trying to learn more about the artist Sabo that feels very strongly about his art and left wingers or liberals. The artist favors the Republican party and the things that they stand for politically. In fact, it is reported that Sabo makes his living by creating provocative works of art that get a lot of attention.

All About Taking The Picture

Taking a picture is more than just clicking a button to capture an image of an object of people. It’s about breathing life into the end result. With more tools that are available and camera options that deliver the details that you desire when taking pictures, there are a few trends that you might notice in the future that you’ll want to practice.


The flash is back. There are photographers who are once again using the flash on the cameras as a light source when taking pictures. At times, pictures have been taken in natural settings or have been taken using other sources to light up the background. The flash effect can be used to sometimes better direct the light where you want it to go in the image, such as on someone’s face or to highlight a specific area of the picture that is taken.


Photography uses to be simple and straightforward. Now, there are patterns being used and details that are added that bring texture to a 2D print. There are often layers of patterns that are now seen with more in the future. Bright colors against patterns will also be a trend to look for along with objects that are used against a background to create an image, such as a white cloud against a backdrop of raindrops so that it looks like it’s raining in the image.


There are some people who didn’t want to include tattoos in pictures and would go to lengths to remove them. Now, tattoos make a picture unique. They are meant as a statement instead of something that belongs to a certain group of people. It’s something that makes each picture different from another, even if the same details are used.