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Sunrise Photography Tips

If you are going on vacation, then do not forget to get some beautiful sunrise shots recommends Schubert Photography. Jim Schubert with the company recommends that you follow these tips.


Wake up Early


Look at a local schedule to see when sunrise will occur. Then, set your alarm clock for at least an hour ahead of time. Even though you may need a headlamp to get to the best shooting location, the reward of awesome sunrise photos will make waking up early worth it.


Research Your Location


While it may be possible to get awesome sunrise photos without going to the location ahead of time, it is still the best practice to research your location ahead of time. When visiting the location ahead of time, use a compass app so that you will know approximately where the sun will rise. Additionally, look around the area for interesting rocks or driftwood that you can use in your photos.


Make a List of Possible Photos


The best sunrise photos are sometimes spontaneous, but most photos require some planning. Therefore, make a list of photos that you would like to capture. Then, work down your list. Make sure to capture lots of photos since there is no cost with digital photography.


The Rule of Thirds


Jim recommends using hyperfocal distance so that everything in the photo is sharp, many beginners find this process very confusing. Therefore, novice photographers can still rely on the rule of thirds. Put the sunrise in the top third of the photo while keeping the sky in a straight line. Place one of the items you located earlier in the corner of the photo to add visual interest.


Look Around


Most beach photos are taken facing the water, but you should make sure to look around you. Often beach dunes or other items spotted when the water is behind you offers beautiful sunrise photo opportunities.


The best sunrise photos require a little planning. Make sure to start out early. When possible, study the area a day or two ahead and make a list of possible shots. Use the rule of thirds or a hyperfocus app to help you keep things in focus. Look around you before the sun rises too high.

All About Taking The Picture

Taking a picture is more than just clicking a button to capture an image of an object of people. It’s about breathing life into the end result. With more tools that are available and camera options that deliver the details that you desire when taking pictures, there are a few trends that you might notice in the future that you’ll want to practice.


The flash is back. There are photographers who are once again using the flash on the cameras as a light source when taking pictures. At times, pictures have been taken in natural settings or have been taken using other sources to light up the background. The flash effect can be used to sometimes better direct the light where you want it to go in the image, such as on someone’s face or to highlight a specific area of the picture that is taken.


Photography uses to be simple and straightforward. Now, there are patterns being used and details that are added that bring texture to a 2D print. There are often layers of patterns that are now seen with more in the future. Bright colors against patterns will also be a trend to look for along with objects that are used against a background to create an image, such as a white cloud against a backdrop of raindrops so that it looks like it’s raining in the image.


There are some people who didn’t want to include tattoos in pictures and would go to lengths to remove them. Now, tattoos make a picture unique. They are meant as a statement instead of something that belongs to a certain group of people. It’s something that makes each picture different from another, even if the same details are used.


Photography is Benefiting the Middle Class in India

Photography has become a popular trade in Indian towns and cities and is particularly popular among Indian women. Sujata Setia, a successful Indian photographer and a native of Surat, has recently been discussed by Forbes Magazine for her extensive contribution to the growing photography movement in her country. Setia has become well known in her region for her skillful development of photography pieces and her commitment to training other women who desire to learn the skill. To date, Setia has held over 200 classes for amateur photographers in India and abroad via virtual classroom communities.


Not only is Setia one of India’s most sought after photographers, but she is one of many women who is pioneering the photography movement in her city. In India and other countries where women as a demographic are only recently moving into career oriented lives, photography has become an art form and a way for women to gain independence through entrepreneurship. Setia teaches courses in artistic photography and business owning to interested Indian women.


India’s love of art as a culture has never been questioned. For centuries, the country has been responsible for some of the world’s finest additions to art history. India’s love of canvas and oil paintings are only now being expanded through the lens of artistic photography. While Sujata Setia’s contribution to the art community is being heralded as a noble effort for the promotion of female entrepreneurship and business, her work is also relevant to the expansion of photography as an art form. Sesia’s work has helped photography become relevant throughout the country. The expansion of photography in India has led to a large increase in domestic product for the country and has opened doors of communication with countries like the United States, China, and Russia. Sesia’s photography pieces and information regarding her educational sessions can be found by searching her business’ name, But Natural Photography. Setia specializes in wedding, newborn, maternity, and lifestyle photography pieces.


Top Instagram Account for Travel Lovers

Millennials are known for their love of travel and their love of social media. Both these avenues are the combined topic of Forbes’ most recent list of popular Instagram travel photographers. Travel photography represents a third of the annual revenue that the industry brings in and an estimated 1 trillion dollars is spent globally on scenic photos. The industry is not showing any signs of decline with an estimated 8 billion dollars spent on travel photography in the United States as of the publication of Forbes’ article. With so much success over the course of several years, the travel photography industry has gained quite a presence on social media websites like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Instagram, in particular, has become a beacon of hope for up-and-coming photographers who travel on a regular basis. Instagram’s focus on beautiful graphics has created a new avenue for both photographers and travel lovers who have access to the internet. According to Jordan Bishop, a Forbes contributor, several of these Instagram travel photographers are worthy of national attention for the work they produce.


Bishop lists Kiersten Rich, Mareen Smith, Brooke Saward, Karen Ng, Anna Jacobs, and Alex Schimmer as the top travel photographers on Instagram. These photographers all produce a caliber of skill in photography and art that far exceeds other photographers in their field. These six photographers have amassed a combined following of over 10 million Instagram users. By creating a means of storytelling through travel photography, these six artists have utterly changed the way many people experience travel to destination areas. By following the Instagram account labeled, “The Blonde Abroad,” (delightfully named by Kieresten Rich) Instagram users have experienced travel to beautiful places like Colorado, Australia, and New Zealand. The other photographers listed in this article have shared similar experiences from locations across the globe.

In addition to the development of new ways that users can experience travel photography, these photographers have also developed new careers as spokespersons for companies like Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines.


Why More People Are Doing Their Own Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is incredibly special, and you want to know that you have pictures available to look back on years down the road. Unfortunately, hiring a professional wedding photographer is expensive and daunting. In some cases, you hire someone for a reasonably high price, only to find that you don’t like the work that they’ve done. Considering the high price of wedding photography and the lack of expert professionals in this field, more brides and grooms-to-be are choosing to do their own photographs.


If you’ve decided that you’d like to do your own wedding photography, there are a few things you need to know. First and foremost, you need to be using a better quality camera. Taking pictures with a cellphone or point-and-shoot isn’t going to deliver the quality that you want when the day is finished and over. You won’t be able to recapture these moments once the wedding day has passed, so you’ll need to make sure that a great camera is being used. If you know of a friend or relative who has a better camera, such as a DSLR, you can borrow or rent it from them.


Another important note to consider when it comes to doing your own wedding photography is to put someone else in charge of it. It just doesn’t look good for the bride or groom to be taking their own pictures, since you’ll find that you give up on getting shots all throughout the evening. Put someone in charge of the camera who is knowledgeable about taking pictures. It might even be a smart idea to ask the person who owns the DSLR camera to take the pictures for you. Even if you pay them to help out with this, it will still be a lot cheaper than what you’d find with a professional photography company. Once the pictures have been shot, you or your friend can edit them using computer software and have them professionally printed.


Photographs From Over 100 Years Ago Give a Colorful Picture of the World

These days, the accessibility and portability of digital cameras have made taking photos and capturing memories a part of our daily lives. However, when I consider the history of photography, I tend to think of it being a fairly selective activity. Cameras were expensive, and could only produce those old black-and-white pictures which just couldn’t compare to what we have now. I was wrong about that. In a recent article, Gabriel H. Sanchez, a photo editor for BuzzFeed news highlighted 23 of the earliest color photographs. These photos showed color images of the world as it was around 100 years ago.


It turns out that the earliest color photographs were taken in 1907 using a camera invented by the Lumiére brothers. They used layers of died potato starch and light-sensitive emulsions to provide the ability to photograph color with their autochrome Lumiére. Other subsequent improvements in photography made color photos even better and more mainstreamed, but these early pictures are a great representation of what the world would have looked like back then.


Evidently, I’m not the only one who was startled by pictures taken with the autochrome. describes seeing such early color photos as a jolt to many people who expect to encounter images in black-and-white. The photographs from World War I which they shared are yet another representation of the past that is now only available to us, visually at least, through pictures. How wonderful it is that we can see it in color!


The history of photography is fascinating. Photographs have remained a vital part of our world for centuries, and they continue to be one of the most effective means by which we capture moments and relive memories. These old pictures are an important part of our heritage and the fact that they’re available to us in color makes them even more of a treasure.