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Tips for Hiring the Right Photographer for an Event or Photo Shoot

There is nothing worse than being stuck with photos from an event that you simply do not like. You can’t do the event over again just to take better pictures, and this is why it is so important that you make the decision to hire a photographer who is going to be able to provide you with high-quality photos that you are going to love for years to come. The most important thing to remember is that there are tons of different options out there, as there are literally millions of photographers who are going to be able to help you out with this task.

However, not every photographer is a good choice, and some either don’t do good work or they charge too much for the pictures that they are taking. This is why it is so important that you do your research in advance to ensure that you are hiring a person who is going to give you what you need and want. The best way to accomplish this is to either ask around and see what other people have said, or you can look at websites and see what the photographer’s portfolio looks like. This gives you a feel for what they are able to offer to you and what you should expect the pictures to look like once you hire the expert for this specific project.

There is nothing quite like having photos that you can feel proud to show off to the world, and this is why so many people have made the decision to do their research to find a photographer who is best fit for their needs. Make sure that you look online and see what others are saying so that you can be sure you are hiring someone who is going to be a great fit for the project that you have coming up. There are lots of pros out there who you are going to be able to hire for this task.

2017 Leading Photography Trends

Photography trends are always evolving. These are trends that come and go, but regardless of how much change occurs in this field, photographers always seem to circle back to the fundamentals. 2017 has not been any different. The following are trends that have ruled advertising and fashion photography and which have greatly impacted other genres such as glamour, weddings, and portraiture.

High Contrast

Many brands have this year opted for a minimalistic approach to their marketing and advertising campaigns. It should, therefore, not shock you to learn that many studio productions have also resorted to shooting minimalistic photos. Rather than go with the three or four light setups known to produce perfect grayscale and gradation, they have opted for the one light setup known for producing punchier contrast. This has led to drama being present in the shadows, particularly for the monochrome images.

Harsh Light

This is yet another subtle nod to the earlier days when the monochrome film was in use. It is also representative of a more simplistic approach. Harsh light has slowly started making a comeback. With harsh light, very few equipment’s are used in the set. Less gear means that bare bulb setting and light modifiers are the only things being used. No white V-flats, bounce cards or reflectors are required. But a black V-flat may be needed to absorb the extra light.

Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight has also been in high demand, particularly when it is deemed to break the rules. Currently, golden hour is not the only acceptable time for shooting. Photographers are shooting from high noon all the way to when the last visible sun rays start to settle down. For many professional photographers, it has become a case of the more contrast they can get the better for the shoot. The more imperfect or unconventional the setup is, the more acceptable it has become.

Photography Trends of 2017

Photography is taking a unique direction lately. While the world of photography used to be about colors, saturation, and presets, different styles are becoming more and more popular. Here are trends that don’t show any signs of slowing down:

1. High Contrast

It seems that contrast is the angle that most photographs are shooting for today. Instead of blended colors, the more simple contrast is what draws the eye.

2. Harsh Light

Light. Lots of light. That seems to be the directive of fashion producers everywhere. The light creates interesting shadows that can bring out the features of certain models.

3. Black and White

In a world where every color is available in digital enhancements with SLR and DSL, you would think that color would be the trend. But leave it to fashion icons to change up the game. Black and white are a throw back to the classic images of the 30’s and 40’s and this duo-tone style is hot right now.

4. Direct Sunlight

If you can get natural light into your photos, do it. There is something about natural sunlight that artificial lights simply can’t capture.

5. Inclusive

Don’t stick to one or two nationalities if you’re shooting groups. Minorities are being put in more and more photos as time goes on and that’s a good thing.

When it comes to photography, it seems to center around the fashion industry and what the flavor of the moment is. However, as the world goes through cultural shifts, there seem to be calls for a simpler time. People want the vintage and natural style of yesteryear. As technology becomes more advanced it might actually become to make things more natural, in an ironic twist of fate.

Photographs of Hotel Carpets Go Viral

Bill Young is a corporate pilot from Dallas, Texas. A man with an odd hobby: he likes to take photographs of interesting hotel carpets he encounters on his travels.

It all started back in 2015, when Bill was sitting in his hotel room, bored out of his mind. It was then that he noticed how strange the carpet was, and he not only took a picture of it, he also posted the image to Instagram.

Over the course of the next 2 years, Bill continued posting photos of interesting hotel carpets he discovered — first on his personal Instagram account, and later on @MyHotelCarpet. He only had 82 followers, but he didn’t care. He was having a good time.

But someone else did care about his limited following: his 19-year-old daughter Jill. She was home from college on Thanksgiving and decided to help her dad go viral. She did this by posting a link to @MyHotelCarpet on her own Instagram account and on Twitter, along with the following plea: “All I Want For Christmas is for my Dad’s hotel carpet instagram to go viral, please help this happen.”

She got her wish. Not did she get more than 23,000 likes and 8,000 retweets of her Twitter post, her father got more than 430,000 followers on his Instagram account. Along with the numbers, there has been a lot of praise. He’s been called the “Carpet King” and the “Dad of Twitter ” One fan even wrote, “I would die for you, Bill Young.”

There have even been calls for Bill to expand to flooring and tiles. But Bill insists that he wants to stay “semi-pure.” He particularly doesn’t want to “sell out,” and many of his fans are probably happy about this, especially his daughter.

What to Know About Becoming a Photographer

Nowadays, more and more people are realizing their true potential for taking photographs and are beginning to open their own companies. What you might not realize is that there are tons of people who are doing this, so the competition can be pretty bad. This is why it is so important that you take the right steps to ensure that you are doing everything in your power to be the best that you can and to advertise enough so that you can get your brand out there so that more people use your services.


There are a few ways that you can advertise and market your company. For one, you can use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You will also want to get word-of-mouth out there and allow people to talk about the work that you do in a positive light. This is why it is so important that you do good work so that people begin to recommend you to their friends and family. If you do not do good work, you cannot expect people to want to hire you or tell people about you in the future.


There are so many reasons for you to become a professional photographer, but it is so crucial that you get the right options available to you and know that you are doing good work for yourself. There is nothing worse than not being able to utilize this for yourself and know that it is something that is going to benefit you over the course of time. There are lots of different ways for you to become a professional photographer, but they key is to get your company name out there so that people are going to know about you and want to make use of the services that you are offering to them at the moment. There is nothing like owning your own business and having it turn into a true success for yourself.

Long-Distance Couple Take the Same Photo All Over the World

Long-distance relationships are never easy. But they’re especially difficult when the two people involved are married, and they are living in different countries.

Such is case for Rob and Joli Switzer. He lives and works in the United States, and she does the same in the Philippines. The only opportunity for them to get together has been on their vacations. Being avid travelers, they meet all over the world, and they celebrate their time together by taking the same photograph wherever they go.

They call the pose a “dipkiss”: a combination of a dip and a kiss.

Their great adventure together started back in 2010, when the two met at a travelers’ meetup in the Philippines. There they became friends and they kept in touch over the Internet before meeting once again in person 3 years later. This is when their long-distance relationship officially took off.

From then on, they saved their money and every few months they found ways to meet in different parts of the world. Whenever they did, instead of taking the usual photographs couples take, they decided to come up with something new and different.

“[W]e thought about creating our own cute romantic pose just for kicks,” they said, and the dipkiss was born.

Among the places they’ve dipkissed are the Philippines, San Francisco, New York City, Milan, Lisbon, Utah, North Carolina, Barcelona, and Moscow. It was in the Russian capital — after two years of dipkissing — that Rob proposed, and they were married last June.

At first, they only shared their photographs with family and friends, but now they share them with their 5,000 Instagram followers and people from all over the world. They say that they’re surprised by how much attention they’ve gotten from their dipkissing, but they are also inspired by all the stories others have shared about their own long-distance relationships.

Recent news article about photography, photo trends and how-tos

Grub Street took it upon themselves to the vendors and cart enthusiast to learn more about the evolution of street meat and how it is currently shaping the cities culture. Many people enjoy the delicacies served in these carts though no one has a clue of how it originated and came to be. Hence Grub took it upon themselves to find out;



Zach Brooks, Founder, Midtown Lunch



The founder of midtown lunch attributes the origin of these carts to immigrants. His hunch is on the Italian, Greeks and Gyros immigrants. In the early 80-90’s it is clear to say that the Egyptians and South Asia immigrants started arriving and overtook the carts business, which in turn worked for hand in hand with the taxi business. The pick-up and drop off points for the taxi drivers are centered in midtown the central operating base for these carts.



Konstantinos Dragonas, Manager of Tony Dragon’s Grille



Early when Tony came from the Greek isle he would sell hot dogs on his cart. But later on, Tony wanted to bring a homely feel on the streets. He decided to add a Greek menu to his cart. His marinated chicken breast served with pita bread became famous amongst his customers. Later when other immigrants saw Tony’s business boom the decided to learn a few tricks from the master himself.



Muhamed and Fatima Khan, Trini Paki Boys



Fatima’s husband started selling hot dogs but later opted to sell halal chicken and rice which was well received.



These carts have conquered the city; stories of clients who ate from these carts and later came back ten years later is not unheard of. Amin one of the carts vendors recalls a customer that came back after ten years of moving away.


News Articles About Photography

The front page of newspapers are dominated by photographs that authenticate the information written and the headline. In modern societies and press, the art of photography is very different from the roles played by traditional pictures in authenticating information. By this, I mean that the objective of recent photography is conveying more information to the public unlike in the past.



In most cases the journalists are aiming using more pictures and a few word article to demonstrate the information intended to reach the public. They argue that more photos creates a deeper interest and insight to the readers and this forms a basis for more customers. Digitization of information is attributed to technological advancements that has seen a wonderful progress in information delivery. In a story recently published by Los Angeles Financial Times, a senior political journalist or rather reporter puts across a simple story about a bill that was signed into law by President Donald Trump.



The article about the controversial taxation bill that had earlier been introduced in Parliament by the Republican Senators which sought to see a reduction in domestic taxes and more specifically corporate taxes to promote their growth. The author observes the agenda of taxation on the President’s campaign manifesto and demonstrates it using a simple photo of a businessman holding a placard with bold letters “Trump on Tax Acts and Job Acts”. This is followed by two photos of Senate leaders one in Parliament and the other of Senate leaders led by Paul Ryan giving a medias briefing.



Both photos are meant to outline or rather to pre-empty the content of the article. Using a series of these photos the author is representing the information in his article such that a person who is not keen on reading the newspaper can simply get the information of the article.



Any writer can adopt an artistic perspective where they can highlight the objective and the subject of the information or news for readers. This is meant to enhance a better outline and understanding of information or news.


The Best Gifts to Give Photography Enthusiasts

One sure thing is that lovers of photography love a quality camera. Additionally, they also like accessories and add-ons that aid in taking better pictures, taking pictures at a higher speed, edit, and perhaps share them instantly for the world to see. While a photo communicates a thousand words, a useful gift for the photographer is priceless especially if it means taking a fantastic shot.


The best gifts include:


The Gnarbox


It is a portable and rugged backup solution for photographers. It comes with an in-built WI-FI connectivity. With the box, you can transfer pictures at a high-speed. Gnarbox enables you to organize your photos as you edit. Additionally, you can convert and share your media from any location.


DJI Mavic Pro Platinum


It’s probably the best-balanced drone regarding usability, photography, quality, and cost. It comes with a longer lasting battery pack. This type of gift will open up a whole new dimension of photography.


DSPTCH Camera Wrist Strap


It’s a camera strap that works best with compact cameras. Gift your friend with one of this, and they will have you to thank.


Spider Light Camera Holster


It’s a back saver as it takes some of your weight from the bag pack and puts it on your hip. It works with existing belts and works with lighter DSLRs.


Canon Selphy CP 1300 Wireless Printer


The portable photo printer supports ‘4 by 6’ prints. It has an excellent impression, and its portability enables you to carry it during travels. If your friend has a family, this is the best gift.


SD Card


It doesn’t matter how many memory cards a photographer has, more cards/memory is always better. SanDisk is an excellent model to get. The choice of capacity depends on you.


Google Pixel 2


Google Pixel is definitely for the special ones. It goes for $649 and comes with the best mobile camera.


Chromecast Ultra


Chrome Ultra enables you and your friends to share photos in a group setting with the aid of a TV. It’s today’s equivalent of a slide projector.

Ways for You to Start a Photography Company

When you’re looking to bring in a bit more money, one way to do this is to turn your hobbies into a way to earn cash. The way to do this is for you to consider photography and growing a clientele who will want to make use of your services. You might have noticed that a lot of people are doing their own photography nowadays because it is a great way for them to bring beauty into a more memorable moment, which is ideal for all types of people. There are a few things that you need to consider when it comes to starting this type of business.


For one, you’re going to need to have the right equipment. This is crucial for when you are going to be starting up your own company. You will need the right type of camera, as this is going to help you achieve professional quality photos. If you do not have the right camera at the moment, you can either choose to rent one or purchase one for yourself. This is a wonderful option for all types of people, and it can be just what you need to feel confident in what you’re able to achieve when taking pictures.


Next, you’re going to need and want to grow your clientele. This is ideal for those who want to be able to make as much money as possible without worrying that they are not bringing in the cash that they both need and want. There are lots of ways for you to bring in more clients, but word-of-mouth is often the most beneficial way when owning a photography business. You will also want to expand on social media and use marketing techniques so that your name gets out there. There are lots of people out there who are utilizing this as an option for themselves and finding that it makes them a lot of money in the long run.